How to avoid 'Monica Geller' summer hair when you're on holiday

This is how you can make sure your hair looks its absolute best!

With summer well and truly underway, it's time to think about how the humidity and sun exposure will affect our hair - unless you fancy ending up like Monica Geller during that trip to Barbados in Friends?! Here we have rounded up a selection of ideas to avoid getting the frizz and ways you can make sure your hair looks its absolute best:

Use shampoo and conditioner

Make sure you invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner - relying on the hotel's freebie stash will do you no justice. Since the atmospheric temperature doesn't have much of an effect on frizz, it can make you sweat - and as sweat has a high water content, a rise in temperature can inadvertently result in frizzy hair. The most effective way to combat associated frizz is to remain in a cool environment. (Philip Kingsley's One More Day dry shampoo is great for this)


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Increase the moisture with oil

If you have coarse, or naturally curly hair, putting some balm or oil throughout the ends after washing will help coat the hair and prevent any sorting of frizzing. A perfect remedy would be coconut oil – you can leave it in your hair overnight for an intensively nourishing treatment, and after a wash your hair will be left smooth and repaired.

Add some luxe to your bedroom

You can also invest in a satin pillow. Your hair won't get tangled up while sleeping on them, and the smoothness of the pillowcase will create less friction between your hair and the surface. Satin pillowcases also leave all of the natural moisture in your hair as cotton pillowcases tend to strip them away.

Mask your hair

This will massively nourish the hair's condition. In order to improve hair elasticity and strengthen lengths and ends - products with Argan oil is pefect. This can provide soothing and stimulating benefits for a dehydrated and sensitive scalp. (Organic Head's Argan Oil Detox Hair Masque is recommended)

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Hair styling without the heat

Plaiting hair and letting it dry naturally will help keep the shape of your waves naturally without adding extra head. It's also a fabulous summer trend.

Wet your hair before jumping into the pool

This is not an immediate quick fix. However, wetting your hair under a tap before jumping into a pool, will protect your hair from soaking in any chemicals from the water.

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