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Hair Twins: The royals vs celebrities on the red carpet

Celebrity and royal lookalikes...

hair twins
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2 low chignon

You might not think that royals and celebrities have much in common but they certainly do when it comes to their hair. From fishtails and French plaits to bouffants and front braids, we look at all the times that the stars on the red carpet have copied the royals – and vice versa. Sarah Ferguson and Nicole Richie, the Duchess of Cambridge and Angelina Jolie, Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lopez, we’ve dug out more than a few unlikely hair twins. Take a look through and see who you think wears the best tresses. 


The Low Chignon

The low chignon is one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s go-to formal looks – she often wears the style with a subtle twist at the side as she did here in 2016. Who would have guessed that Reese Witherspoon had sported a comparable style when she won the Best Actress Oscar way back in 2005. 

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3 bun

The Micro Bun

The Duchess of Sussex complemented her contemporary LBD with a super sleek micro bun, tightly pinned back at the nape of her neck. But, groundbreaking as this seemed at the time, the Duchess of Sussex wasn’t the first to work this slick hairstyle; Jennifer Lopez wore the same look during a recent outing. 

4 pixie

The Voluminous Pixie Crop

Princess Charlene of Monaco added some extra inches to her pixie cropped hair at a regal outing in 2009 for a modern take on the bouffant. And, with the help of some mousse and clever styling, Jennifer Lawrence did something similar five years later at the Oscars.

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1 fishtail plait

The Fish Tail Plait

Eleanor Tomlinson looked stunning when she turned up to the TV BAFTAs in 2017 with a fishtail plait, deliberately distressed with stray wisps of hair. Royal eyes were obviously watching as fellow redhead Princess Beatrice appeared at Ascot a month later with a very similar hair do. As you’d expect from a member of the royal family at a formal occasion, Beatrice’s was much neater and accessorised with a fetching oversized hat.

5 side plait

The Modern French Plait

Amanda Seyfried debuted a contemporary version of a classic, the French plait, at a premiere in 2015. The actress’ 'do involved a plait, gathered underneath at the nape of the neck. Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco was obviously impressed because she wore her chocolate locks in a similar style in 2018. 


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6 pony

The Straight Pony

Ariana Grande is the undisputed queen of the straight ponytail, to the extent that it’s become her signature look. But Pauline Ducruet of Monaco went and recreated it at New York Fashion Week in 2018, giving it the official royal seal of approval. 

7 big hair

Big Hair

It was the 80s and Princess Anne made the bouffant her own, blow-drying her hair into her trademark style for maximum impact. Over 30 years later, Lana Del Rey realised the power of going big too and showed off her 21st-century version. 


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7 messy pony

The Messy Pony

It’s not often that the royals let loose with their hair but Beatrice let a few wisps run wild from the ponytail in 2018 at the Serpentine Summer Party. Perhaps she was inspired by Selena Gomez’s 2013 look which was also messed up for added effect. 

10 half up

The Half Up ‘Do

Feminine but practical, the Duchess of Cambridge is often seen wearing her brunette tresses pulled back from her face in a half-down-half-up ‘do. With a strikingly similar hair colour and texture, her hair twin Angelina Jolie has been taking notes as she too wore her hair in Kate’s favourite style in 2018. 


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8 fergie one

The Fringed Up Do

The Duchess of York and Nicole Richie might seem like unlikely hair twins but the pair seem to share a love of this elegant up do. Sarah Ferguson was the trailblazer, wearing this look in 2003 but Nicole added a modern twist in 2011 with an ombre hair colour and chunky bangs.

9 fringe

The Front French Braid

One of the easiest ways to keep your hair neatly off your face is with a front French braid. In 2009, both royals and those on the red carpet cottoned on to the elegance and simplicity of this hair trend. Hair icon Jennifer Aniston rocked the look at the Oscars, while Princess Beatrice quickly followed suit with her version at the Royal Albert Hall, a month later. 

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