How many calories are you drinking?

If there is one thing us ladies tend to focus on too much it’s our weight.

Calorie controlled diets are part of some of the most popular weight loss programmes around. Someone who is following such plans would potentially ban treats such as chocolate, cakes and crisps, but what about alcohol?

We all know the long term dangers of drinking, but how many of us really know just how many calories there are in some of our top tipples?

The answer: very few of us.

Some of the UK's most popular drinks, such as wine, cider and beer are all made from fermented sugar. That means most alcohol contains around seven calories per gram of sugar, which is virtually the same as fat in its purest form.

Something to bear in mind is that each calorie in your beverage has almost no nutritional value whatsoever.

Not only is alcohol full of calories, but it brings on a craving for snacks whilst drinking, and often leaves us hungry after we've had a few.

To give you an idea of the number of calories in some of our favourite drinks, we have compiled a list of food equivalents.


Alcohol – Food Equivalent 

  • One glass of white wine (175ml) =  One small packet of crisps
  • One glass of red wine (175ml) = One small slice of sponge cake
  • One pint of lager = One small sausage roll 
  • One pint of premium lager = One scotch egg 
  • One pint of bitter = One glazed ring donut 
  • One pint of cider = Baked beans on toast 
  • Cream liqueur (50ml) = One chicken drumstick 
  • One alcopop (330ml) = A 50g block of cheddar cheese
  • Spirit (25ml) = A 25ml serving of single cream  


Have we made you think about how much you'll drink in future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments box below.