Iron Women

With January behind us it's easy to turn our backs on those New Year’s resolutions we set ourselves. If you've been finding it hard to stick to your goals, take inspiration from Liverpool's very own Iron Woman, Alex Gerrard.

Model, yummy mummy and lovely Liverpudlian lady Alex Gerrard is known for being the ultimate gym bunny – and has an enviable gym-honed figured as a result of all her hard work.

Along with eating a varied and balanced diet, Alex takes liquid iron food supplement SPATONE®. Alex Gerrard comments: "To make sure I am top form and get the most out of my work outs I make sure I am eating the right foods. For those times when my diet is lacking I take SPATONE® Liquid Iron. The iron in SPATONE helps me to maintain my energy levels and keep up with my lifestyle."

Model Alex Gerard takes liquid iron food supplement SPATONE® to stay energised and active

If this New Year you aspire to live an active and healthy lifestyle, you need to fuel yourself in the right ways to keep up your energy. 9 out of 10 women are not getting enough iron from their diet and low iron levels can cause fatigue and tiredness. Therefore active people especially need to make sure they are getting enough iron from their diet in order to help maintain their oxygen efficiency and energy levels. For those who find it hard getting enough iron from their diet alone taking a natural liquid iron food supplement like SPATONE Apple is a great way to top up and maintain your iron levels.

SPATONE Apple, is simply natural iron rich water with natural apple concentrate and vitamin C to help aid the absorption of iron. One sachet a day of Spatone® natural liquid iron has been scientifically proven to help top up your iron levels so you, like Alex, can maintain your energy levels to stay on top of your active lifestyle.

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SPATONE® is availability at Boots, Tesco and Holland & Barrett priced at £10.55 for 28 sachets (month supply).