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Gaby Roslin discusses health, fitness and ageing naturally

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"It's funny, I don't really think about my age but the press did when I turned 50. I've never had so many people going on about my age. I never did!"

Gaby Roslin is talking candidly about her experience of ageing in the public eye. With a television presenting career that has spanned over 25 years, the mother-of-two is no stranger to media scrutiny, but refreshingly Gaby insists she has no intention of succumbing to the Botox and beauty treatments that so many stars turn to as they get older.

"Why do people do this to themselves?" she asks. Instead the 50-year-old credits her youthful appearance to "being happy", along with the healthy diet and exercise that is such a big part of her life.

GabyRoslin © Photo: Getty Images

Gaby Roslin has collaborated with Seven Seas for their Perfect7 supplement

Gaby developed a true passion for nutrition and fitness following the untimely death of her own mother, Jackie Roslin, from cancer 18 years ago. Now she has collaborated with Seven Seas for the launch of their new Perfect7 supplements, which are designed to protect against the signs of ageing and support a healthy lifestyle from the inside.

"I think it's really important that you put the right things into your body," Gaby says. "The right foods and the right fats – all of those things. If you put them in and you exercise, you're going to have less of a chance of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes – all of these things we now attribute with diet and fitness."

Gaby practices what she preaches and eats a varied diet that includes organic fruit and vegetables and sustainable fish, but still feels that she benefits from using supplements. "Your joints get stiffer – I can tell you they do – and in Seven Seas Perfect7 they've got fish oils, plus all other essential vitamins to support general health. Plus upping your B vitamins which are really important."

GabyRoslin2 © Photo: Rex

Gaby Roslin is passionate about health and fitness

The presenter has also been a Pilates devotee for seven years and maintains a challenging exercise routine: "I work out four or five times in the gym using the Pilates method and so whenever I do weights, or TRX, or anything, I very much do it all holding the core."

Gaby, who is married to publisher David Osman, has brought up her daughters Libby-Jack and Amelie to follow the same healthy lifestyle and says they "love my food".

"Obviously when they go to parties I don't give them a box of homemade food because they're not allowed to eat the rubbish – then they're going to start becoming obsessed with it and bingeing on it."

The Food Inspectors presenter is clearly focused on ensuring her daughters are healthy and happy, admitting it does worry her that they will feel under pressure to look a certain way as they grow up. "I hope my kids won't but it does worry me…it's just striving to look perfect".

GabyRoslin1 © Photo: Rex

Gaby Roslin credits "being happy" for her youthful appearance

Gaby's own interest in health developed when both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer around the same time in 1997.

"When my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer that's when I decided to really look at lifestyle and health and really look after myself. I couldn't at the time…I didn't have a chance to eat, go to the gym, all of those things."

The BBC London radio host has since carried out extensive work with cancer charities and says the most important advice she can give to people who are suffering from cancer or caring for a loved one is not to go through it alone.

"I've learned that if you don't suffer alone there are so many people out there who really want to be there and help," Gaby revealed. "There are so many charities out there who are ready, willing and desperate to help so please, don't suffer on your own and talk about it and just know there's somebody there for you."