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Chloe Madeley opens up about love, family, and the secret to great health

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Her parents Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan were TV’s golden couple – now Chloe Madeley is about to spread her wings for the first time and is looking for a house of her own, although she won't be lonely.

"James will have a key," she told HELLO!, referring to her rugby player boyfriend James Haskell. "It won’t be a castle, I just want to get on the property ladder in my own right and have my own bolt hole," she says.

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Chloe Madeley opened up about her relationship with James Haskell

So could wedding bells be on the cards? "Is he The One? I hope so but I have no idea. I love him to bits. It still feels like we are in the honeymoon period so I am quite shocked we have been together for a year. My parents adore James too. Everyone gets on with him. I have never been in a social situation with him where he hasn’t charmed the pants off everyone in the room," she smiles.

The 28-year-old daughter of Richard and Judy adds, "I think my parents will be happy to see their last child on the property ladder but I reckon at the same time, they will still be a bit lonely without me. Especially my old Dad; he does love a little adventure with me - we’re similar like that!"

The pair are so close, in fact, that radio host Richard, 59, endured a gruesome challenge on ITV2’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now recently to impress his action-girl daughter who has appeared in Dancing On Ice and The Jump.

Chloe is a fitness fanatic and has become famous for her selfies on social media which flaunt her gym-toned body. "I am proud of what I have achieved. People think I am ripped up with a six pack all the time but I am most definitely not," she says. "I am not that strict with my diet 100 percent of the time because then I would really hate my life."

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Chloe regularly shares snippets of her workouts with her Instagram followers

She eats well and advocates plenty of sleep to stay in good health. To test it out, she took part in a recent Bensons for Beds sleep survey: "My parents always drummed into me how important sleep is and then when I qualified as personal trainer, I realised how it is scientifically true. I did one week of seven hours sleep which was hell and a week of nine hours and the difference in how I felt was astronomic. I try and get up to ten hours a night normally."

She will be relaxing her strict fitness regime over the Christmas period and indulging in treats: "When we first moved up to London from Manchester, we would always have Christmas lunch at the Savoy in the River Room which was such a novelty and we haven’t done that for years," she smiles.

"This year there are rumblings that we are going into town somewhere special for lunch but we haven’t decided where yet. Our family always makes the festive period as magical as we can - there will be about ten of us - everyone pitches in so I’m really excited about it!"

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The star often wows her fans with her incredibly toned figure

Chloe, who runs her own fitness empire Fitness Fondue and has just launched a range of supplements on her website, has been a big support for the 30-year-old Wasps captain since he crashed out of the Rugby World Cup with the England team. She says: "They were all absolutely gutted. James was very quiet and reflective afterwards - I just waited until he was ready to talk to me about everything."

Family is important to Chloe, but she admits: "I am too scared to say I will never have children. But I just don’t know if I will. Children are not even a speck on my horizon. But who knows what will happen in a year’s time? I may be kid crazy! I think that’s what happened to my mum. Literally one day she woke up and was just completely obsessed with the idea."

Chloe Madeley took part in a study with Bensons for Beds and the Sleep School showing how sleep affects sporting performance. To read more visit #sleeptowin

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