Olivia Munn's sky-high workout puts our exercise routines to shame

Julie Delahaye

Olivia Munn has taken working out to new heights. The 35-year-old gave her fans major fitness goals as she shared a series of photos and videos of herself on a private plane, sticking to her healthy diet and fitness routine as she showcased her rigorous exercise routines.

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Olivia Munn showed off her impressive fitness skills during a plane journey

Olivia was joined by Nashville trainer and close friend Brittany Farar on a trip to Miami, to celebrate the world premiere of her upcoming film Ride Along 2. During the plane journey, the pair made use of the spare time by fitting in a few exercises to continue to maintain Olivia's toned physique.

The actress took to Instagram to show off her impressive skills, beginning the workout with a few clapping push-ups.

"If you bring @brittany.farrar on a trip, it's a guarantee that she'll make you work out. Even if you're on a plane," she wrote in the caption to her 688,000 followers.

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Olivia did a series of exercises from push-ups to "divers"

The X-Men: Apocalypse actress followed up the session with dive bomber push-ups, often used by yoga fans, sharing a second video to show the process. "These are called "divers" and they're a lot harder than they look," she explained to her fans. "Thanks @brittany.farrar. I'm gonna eat my Oreos now."

Although Olivia didn't share a photo of herself indulging in the Oreos, she did post a snap of the plates of colourful fruit and vegetables that awaited her and pal Brittany when they first boarded the plane.

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Olivia and Brittany received plates of delicious looking fruit and vegetables

The Iron Man 2 actress is certainly no stranger to strenuous exercising. Not only has she previously given fans sneak peek as she trained at sports including kickboxing, but last summer she shared a short clip of herself and NFL boyfriend Aaron Rogers showing off their striking sword fighting moves. At the time, she quipped, "Learned some new tricks…"