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How to give your summer workouts a boost

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The summer weather can make it easier to get motivated when it comes to health and fitness, whether you're swimming, cycling, running or exercising outdoors. However, because of the warmer temperatures and sun exposure, it's important to make sure you protect yourself or you could end up doing more harm than good.

Personal trainer Golan Horesh shares his top tips for giving your summer workouts a boost exclusively with HELLO! Online

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There are easy ways to give your summer workout a boost

Let your body get used to the weather

"During the summer months your body needs to acclimatise to the warmer weather in order to reduce your risk of heat injury. Try spending a couple of weeks continuously training for at least one hour a day, keeping a low intensity initially and gradually building up.

"Once your body has acclimatised to training outside in increased temperatures, you will find yourself sweating more and at a faster rate, decreasing the heat load and maintaining the body’s core temperature, preventing dehydration and other health worries such as heat stroke. You will also find your workouts increase in performance and capacity due to improved thermal comfort."

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Golan suggests trying hydrogen-rich water

Lower your workout's intensity

"When exercising in high temperatures, we ideally need the heart to be pumping out as much blood as possible, making sure your heart rate doesn’t go into overdrive trying to sustain the impact on your body. In order to avoid unwanted stress on the heart, try lowering the intensity of your workout or think about decreasing the time you spend doing cardio, therefore allowing you to still achieve your goals without placing added stress on your body and maxing out sooner than anticipated."

Try hydrogen-rich water

"Everyone knows water is essential for hydration, especially when training in the heat, however the kind of water you drink is also key for maintaining optimum health and wellbeing. Drinking hydrogen-rich water regularly can reduce the effects of oxygen free radicals and oxidization which contribute to the development of many illnesses."

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Lower your workout's intensity during the summer months

Search for gear with UV protection

"The last thing you probably think of wearing when training outdoors is a hat! However, there are sports hats available that use unique properties to help protect you from the heat and elements, helping you to keep performing at your best, regardless of the temperature or your chosen activity. Try the original multifunctional headwear brand BUFF®’s new summer cap collection, that offers maximum defence with 95 per cent UV protection and excellent breathability and humidity control."

Opt for compression wear

"An effective way to protect and support your body whilst training is by using compression wear. Featuring body mapping technology to sculpt the fabric to the areas of your body which are often under the greatest demand, compression wear allows for 100 per cent flex movement, matching and mirroring the body for complete support. It also increases your body’s working capacity and ability to re-oxygenate muscle tissue and produce energy, ultimately improving performance levels by providing more power and stamina, enabling you to endure your training regime."

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