Lisa Riley takes lie detector test to address rumours she has a gastric band

Lisa Riley has hit back following speculation that her impressive weight loss was a result of surgery. The 40-year-old silenced her critics once and for all by taking a lie detector test live on air during Loose Women on Thursday in order to prove she had not lied about shedding the pounds byfollowing a healthier lifestyle.


Lisa Riley has taken a lie detector test to address speculation she underwent surgery

"When I came on this show and the big weight loss was revealed, 93 per cent of people are supportive," she said while discussing her decision to take the test. "Basically, what's happened is the other few per cent are calling me a liar. One thing I'm not is a liar. What I've done is such a good achievement."

She added: "People who have had gastric bands, brilliant, good on you. I did this my way. All I want to do is help other women and men."

The Emmerdale actress has shed over ten stone

Lisa passed the test with flying colours, and shared her relief at being able to put the rumours to rest. "Once and for all I draw a line under this," she said. "I haven't life and there is the proof."

The former You've Been Framed presenter, who has lost over ten stone in weight, explained that her progress has been the result of hard work for months. "Fad diets didn't work remotely for me. Rome wasn't built in a day. I've done this slowly, I've been patient."

The star donated clothes in which she no longer fits to charity

The British star then revealed that her confidence has grown in recent months, especially when it comes to the clothes she wears. "There's no feeling like it when I put on a dress for this show and it's a smaller size," she beamed.

In fact, Lisa recently gave her wardrobe an overhaul, revealing on Instagram that she was donating all the clothes that are now too big for her. The TV star shared a photo of herself carrying armfuls of items, beaming for the camera as she posed in front of her closet.

"Bagging up more clothes that don't fit me anymore!!!" she captioned the snap. "London charity shops will be happy!!! And that makes me happy!!!"