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Six easy ways to stay hydrated this winter

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It can be easy to spot when you're dehydrated during the summer, as you feel hot and sweaty and reach for bottles of water. However, the winter can wreak just as much havoc on your system as the colder temperatures mean your body has to work hard to stay warm – and hydration becomes all the more important.

As well as drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day, nutritionist Amy Morris reveals her top tips for staying properly hydrated this winter exclusively with HELLO!


There are easy ways to stay hydrated that don't involve just drinking water

Hydrate with fruit

Fruit can be an excellent source of water, particularly clementines which are 87 per cent water, and apples and pears which are 84 per cent water. As an added bonus, these fruits contain vitamin C which has been known to help combat the flu.

Drink hot chocolate

You may have heard that chocolate milk can boost post-workout recovery because of its 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates-to-protein. As a nutritional bonus it's also pumped with flavonoids and calcium. It also contains small amounts of sodium and sugar which helps you retain water and regain energy. Hot chocolate gives you the same benefits and is also great if you're after something warm and comforting after being out in the cold!


Fruit including apples and pears can be a great source of hydration

Tuck in to salty food and soup

Foods that contain sodium will help you retain water. Some great winter options include tomato soup, minestrone and butternut-squash soup.

Drink room-temperature drinks

Although cold drinks are absorbed quicker, warmer or room temperature drinks keep your body temperature optimal – particularly ideal if you've been exercising in the cold.

Cut down on caffeine

Caffeinated drinks can cause dehydration, so try switching to decaf where possible.

Filter your water  

If you're concerned about what’s in your tap water, or mindful of contributing to the environmental impact caused by plastic water bottles, why not treat yourself to the Biocera AHA Water Bottle for an extra hydrogen boost. Featuring a unique filtration process to produce hydrogen rich water, the Biocera products provide potent antioxidant support for the body, offering a wide range of health benefits.

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