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5 ways to stay in shape on holiday

Enjoy a fit and healthy holiday with these top tips from James Crossley

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Chloe Best
Chloe BestLifestyle Features Editor
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Many of us will spend weeks following strict diets and exercise routines ahead of our holidays, but what about staying healthy once you've reached your destination? Health and fitness expert James Crossley has shared his top five tips for staying in shape during your summer getaway – without depriving yourself of a few treats along the way!

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1. Food Choice: Eating one bad meal on holiday per day is one thing but eating three bad meals a day over the course of the holiday will defiantly start to show. Be aware of your food choices. Have your fish grilled not fried and your potatoes boiled not sautéed. Always check with the waiter what the meal comes with and how it's cooked. Eat loads of fresh vegetables and fruits. Beware of dressings and sauces always get them on the side. Remember it's the little things that count.

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Try and make good food choices while on holiday

2. Alcohol Choice: You're on holiday so a few drinks are often part of having fun and relaxing, but what are you drinking? A beer has 180 calories a large glass of wine 160 calories and a single vodka has 55 calories. Be aware of your alcohol choices, you could soon rack up over 500-1000 calories just in alcohol at lunch. Also beware of your mixers and stay off the sugary soda or so called sugar-free mixers and juices and stick to fresh lime and soda.

3. Stay Active: No need to rush to a gym when you're on holiday but look at staying active. Go for walks or runs on the beach or mountains, swims in the sea and maybe throw in a 12-15 minute outdoor HIIT bodyweight workout. A short workout before breakfast will kick start your metabolism, free up your time for the day and help keep your body in check.

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It is easy to stay healthy on holiday while still enjoying yourself

4. Sleep: A lot of people are sleep deprived with busy lifestyles and families. Sleep is important for repair, growth and combatting stress. Often people sleep better on holiday away from day to day work stresses. Look at catching up on some well-earned rest with daily naps and some good quality sleep.

5. Water: Stay hydrated, if you're in the sun and enjoying the holiday lifestyle you will be dehydrated without even knowing it. Keep a two litre bottle next to you on the beach and sip through it during the day - don't rely on being thirsty. If you're having evening drinks always get some water as a side order. Our body is 60% water so keep it hydrated, you will definitely feel better in the morning!

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