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Tom Pitfield talks health, fitness and family life with Corrie's Catherine Tyldesley

The 30-year-old opens up about their fitness-driven lifestyle and his upcoming TV venture Eat, Shop, Save

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It's been a year since Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley and her husband Tom Pitfield married in a lavish wedding ceremony covered exclusively by HELLO! And it seems that it's all back to business for the couple as they continue with both old and new TV pursuits, Tom now taking the reins as fitness consultant for ITV Shiver's brand new series Eat, Shop, Save.


Tom features on Eat, Shop, Save ITV 7.30pm Thursday

Speaking ahead of the launch of the show, which sets families an eight-week challenge to get fitter, eat better, and save money on their shopping, Tom gives HELLO! an exclusive insight into his own family's super healthy antics, and how Catherine, mum to their two-year-old son Alfie, is the brains behind the operation. "I've never known anybody as dedicated to healthy eating as her… one of my bad habits is probably not eating as many vegetables as I should do, so Catherine forces that on me daily," the 30-year-old reveals.


Catherine and Tom married last year

He admits that during her pregnancy, the 33-year-old Corrie star put her health at the forefront more than ever before. "She kind of went the other way [in that she didn't let her fitness slip] because she was looking after somebody else, so it became more of a responsibility not just to look after herself but to look after the baby as well."

Even now, the couple are very conscious about the health choices they make with their toddler. "We don't really allow him to have much sugary food… it's just about educating them from a young age really, he will get his treats but they definitely won't come in the form of a Mars bar!" But when they do plan to indulge in their guilty pleasures, Tom confesses they will often take the time to think it over. "What we do, is we try to have our little date nights out. And we'll think about what restaurant we want to eat at and that will be our little treat… our downtime from everything."

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Catherine and Tom have a two-year-old son Alfie

Their passion for fitness means they are known as the "fitness-mad couple" in their inner circles, with Tom revealing that "we're the fitness mad couple who people come to, and again we find so many people ask us questions." His fitness knowledge will be put towards use for his new show, fronted by Ranvir Singh, with himself, chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock and finance guru Gemma Godfrey as the panel of experts for families seeking a better more healthy lifestyle. "The main message is to show people that there are no barriers and that anybody, no matter what situation can be a part of a healthy lifestyle."

For more information on The Pitfields, go to or their Twitter account @ThePitfieldFam. Tom features on Eat, Shop, Save ITV 7.30pm Thursday.

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