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Loose Women star Kaye Adams opens up about breast cancer scare

The mother-of-two had some wise words as she spoke about her latest doctors visit

Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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Loose Women panellist Kaye Adams has spoken out about her recent breast cancer scare. In a new video posted on her Facebook page, the mother-of-two told viewers that she had convinced herself that there was "something wrong" with her for weeks. Explaining that she goes to the doctors twice a year to get a check-up because she doesn't trust herself, Kaye said: "I've been in a sort of state of panic for the last week. Totally convincing myself that there is something [a lump] there."

kaye adams cancer scare

Kaye Adams was worried she had found a lump in her breast

By the time she got to her appointment, Kaye said that she was adamant that she could feel a lump, but was thankfully told that she had nothing to worry about. The star then went on to explain that being cautious about her health has been to her detriment. She said: "It's great there is increased health awareness and we're much more body conscious. Early detection is clearly really, really important, but, any maybe it's just because I'm a basket case, I fully prepared to admit that, but it just can tip into low grade anxiety, just constantly this low grade anxiety.

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Kaye told viewers about her recent health scare

"And I said that to the doctor and he said well you're not the only one. He said: 'We do have people in here who are constantly checking, checking, checking, checking and if you check hard enough you are going to find something.'" Kaye added that asides from anything else, she had found out that she had been checking her breasts wrong, and that she learnt that it was best to check them once a month. "Only do it once a month, not constantly as it's just finding that balance between being vigilant and getting anything early, but not like me, being a basket case," she advised.

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Kaye isn’t the only famous face who has had a health scare of late. In February, Peter Andre's wife Emily revealed to viewers on Lorraine that she had found a lump in her breast last year. The junior doctor, who was covering for resident health expert Dr Hilary, urged viewers to get regular checks. "I found a lump in my breast a year ago. I didn’t need to feel silly about going in and they dealt with it quickly and it was fine. It's really important to check yourself," she said.

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