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Women would rather give up alcohol than delete their Instagram. Shock horror.

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Anna Johnstone
Anna JohnstoneHead of Social
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If you’re guilty of taking one too many Instagrams of your Friday (or, er, Thursday) night wine, have you ever wondered which one which one is more important? Your phone in your right hand, or glass of Malbec in your left? Turns out, the majority of you would pour away your wine in favour of keeping that all-important folder on your phone with all your social media apps such as Instagram, if faced with having to choose between them. Which we can definitely relate to.

The ultimate dilemma - give up Instagramming your wine, or wine altogether?

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Online printer Instantprint surveyed 500 smartphone users across the UK to ask what they would rather sacrifice. Interestingly, women would rather give up alcohol for a year than delete their social media accounts, but men would be more likely to do the opposite. Plus, what about your other apps? Would you mind your boss reading your WhatsApp messages? Nearly half of all respondents said that they would share them… but would need a pay rise first. Perhaps they think that there would be zero chance of a pay rise/promotion after reading…

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However, a very secretive 21% would completely rule out the possibility of showing messages to their boss - although does that say more about them, or more about their manager? The study also shows that people are particularly private about the internet browsing history, with 65% of respondents needing at least £500 to reveal it to their friends and family. So where would you fit in? Would you give up Pinot for good if it meant keeping your Instagram profile? 

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