How you can join our #HelloToKindness campaign

Spread the positivity

Carla Challis

Here at HELLO! we pride ourselves on being a positive space, a publication that celebrates and doesn't judge. But lately we've noticed an influx of negative and mean comments on our social media feeds – either aimed at the celebrities we're posting about or even other social media users.

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This has become a big concern for us, and our readers too, so we're taking a stand. We say it isn't acceptable to constantly pit women against each other. It isn't acceptable to post racist, sexist or threatening abuse on social platforms and it's not acceptable to attack other users just because they disagree with you.

We say it's time to say goodbye to meanness and intolerance, and time to say #HelloToKindness. Join our movement and say #HelloToKindness by sharing a kind message, video or caption on Instagram. You could tag your best friend who's been there for you through thick and thin or someone you admire; or, just someone who could do with a little kindness in their lives. Simply post your message, including the #HelloToKindness and tag @HelloMag to spread the word.

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Make a stand. Say #HelloToKindness.