Johnny Vegas' weight loss journey: how the comedian lost 5 stone

He revealed all on Loose Women

Those who follow Johnny Vegas will have noticed that he's looking incredible at the moment and it's no surprise. Appearing on Tuesday's episode of Loose Women, the comedian revealed he has lost a total amount of five stone and it's all down to a lifestyle change. Speaking to the panel, Johnny revealed just how he has gone about it, saying: “I have not done a diet in anyway whatsoever. I have cut out things, it’s a lifestyle change. Then you can live with it and you don’t feel like you are denying yourself anything - apart from cheese!”

The comedian, who recently appeared on The Celebrity Bake Off, did however reveal that the famous tent presented some temptations. Asked whether it was hard doing the show when he was trying to be healthy, Johnny said: “Yeah, well, it was even harder because I have never baked. I have never had a sweet tooth and for the amount of effort that goes into it, go to a cake shop. It makes a mess of your kitchen. I wanted the Paul Hollywood handshake so badly, I even made a robot of him...I was practising.”

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Johnny has actually previously opened up on This Morning about what spurred his decision to slim down. The 48-year-old explained to Holly and Phil that his diet overhaul was down to losing his father to cancer back in September 2019. "If you had a good parent and you miss them," he explained. "Your responsibility then is to hopefully try and be a decent parent to your own children - and be around."

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He added: "The big thing is my smoking that I want to stop, but the last time I stopped I piled weight on. So I need to get light enough to exercise… it's taken 15 months of walking past bread, and cheese and everything I love!"