Joe Pasquale reveals ripped abs after undergoing dramatic body transformation

The comedian unveiled his new physique on Good Morning Britain

Jenni McKnight

Joe Pasquale left Good Morning Britain viewers stunned on Tuesday when he unveiled his rippling torso after undergoing a dramatic body transformation. The comedian admitted he had been inspired to lose weight after he was called "portly" during his appearance on The Real Full Monty last May. The 58-year-old has lost over two stone since taking up boxing and giving up his addiction to wine gums.

Speaking to hosts Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh about his desire to shape up, Joe said: "It was because of The Real Full Monty. I saw one review which compared me to a portly Frank Spencer. Portly? I can't be portly!" The morning show then flashed a photo on the screen of Joe's bare torso, which left Richard and Ranvir stunned over his six pack. "A six pack? It's more of a party of seven!" Joe quipped back.


Joe Pasquale has lost more than two stone

Discussing his new exercise and diet regime, Joe added: "I do a little bit of weights, but I box a lot. I get beat up a lot! I was heavily into wine gums, but I've knocked that on the head now. I've cut it right down. If I'm going on telly and getting my kit off, I don't want to look fat, especially as I was standing next to Ashley Banjo with nothing on, you wanna look your best. Everything is on the internet these days."

Fans were quick to share their amazement over Joe's transformation on Twitter, with one commenting: "Oh My Word I'm drooling over Joe Pasquale. Who'd have thought it #GMB." Another added: "Jesus H Christ anyone see the shape of Joe Pasquale on Good Morning Britain, fair play," while a third simply wrote: "Good on him!"


Joe Pasquale overhauled his lifestyle by giving up sweet treats  

Joe previously revealed on Loose Women that he was spending six days a week in the gym in an effort to overhaul his physique. He said: "It's not eating wine gums. I'm not eating chips. I go to the gym six days a week for an hour a day." He also admitted that he took part in the Ant Middleton series Mind Over Muscle, adding: "It killed me. I couldn't walk for a week. But it was worth it, it was great."

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