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I’m 61 and these are the 3 exercises I do daily for a strong core

Filmmaker Angie Rowntree shares why core strength is essential in midlife - and how she keeps hers strong 

By: Angie Rowntree
22 April 2024
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Being active has always been an escape for me, but at 61, it feels more important than ever. Working out is a time for introspection, and it makes me feel good, mentally and physically. 

I first fell in love with exercise when I was at university working part-time as a fitness instructor. I never imagined working out would capture my heart for over 40 years; amidst other jobs and pursuits, it’s remained consistent. Now in my sixties, I’ve realised the importance of exercise for maintaining a strong core. It’s crucial for balance and overall health, as well as maintaining a healthy sex life.

Our joie de vivre and libido do not shut off after 60! The key to looking and feeling your best at any age is maintaining a strong core through consistent exercise. Many people don't realise the critical role their core plays in their overall health, especially for more mature women.

woman with long blonde hair looking pensive
Angie has always loved exercise

As someone proud of my strong core, these are three exercises I do daily to strengthen it.

Pelvic tilts

Position your yoga mat in front of a wall. Lay down, relax and place your feet (hip-width apart) against the wall. Keep your back flat, and raise your arms so you’re pointing to the ceiling.

Take some deep breaths to ground yourself… and then when you’re ready, on your next exhale, draw the belly muscles together and lift the tailbone off the mat, curling it up. Try to keep your glutes relaxed; focus on the connection with your abs. To modify the level of challenge here, you can move further away from the wall, or move closer if you need to. 

Bridge position

You can flow right into a bridge position from you pelvic tilts. I love doing bridges because they’re a little "spicier" and engage the core, glutes, and tops of your thighs. Keep your feet on the wall and knees bent as they were for the pelvic tilt, arms down at your sides. And as you exhale, roll the spine up, peeling it slowly off the mat, squeezing the glutes at the top. Try to keep your knees close as this will engage the thighs. On your next exhale, roll the spine back down, taking it nice and slow. You will feel your glutes and pelvic floor engage as you come to rest.

black and white headshot of a woman
Angie works hard to maintain a strong core

Leg lifts

This is a basic, gentle move that you can do lying down on a yoga mat or in a carpeted room. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet parallel at hip width. Take a deep breath into your ribcage. As you exhale, lift one of your legs up (keeping it bent at the knee) without moving your pelvis or back. Take another breath and hold: exhale and lift the other leg up. Do not engage your hips or back muscles – keep your back flat and still. 

This might seem like a simple move, but if you can hold your belly and hips in place for 5-10 reps, you’ll notice the muscles at work. 

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There is a smorgasbord of exercises that focus on core strengthening. Find the ones that work best for you and switch them up as you progress. Kegels are also incredibly important and the go-to for strengthening your pelvic floor - and you can do them with zero effort!

Angie Rowntree, is Founder and Director of the award-winning site, a destination for sex-positive, ethical adult entertainment made from a woman's point of view.

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