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Beautiful woman in a cream room

6 things I do each morning for a happier day

Manifestation guru Giselle La Pompe-Moore shares how a 'slow 30' sets her up for a positive day  

By: Giselle La Pompe-Moore
July 4, 2024
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How we start our morning tends to influence how the rest of our day goes. But sometimes we're lucky if we have time to make a coffee to drink on the way to work, let alone carving out time for morning affirmations or mindfulness.

In a bid to improve our morning routines, we spoke to wellness expert and manifestation guru Giselle La Pompe-Moore for her advice for a happier, more zen morning.

woman taking a selfie in a mirror© Instagram
Giselle uses her phone as part of her wellness routine

My wake-up call

The sun making its way through my sheer curtains in the morning tends to be my alarm clock, as the screeching from my phone always feels like such an angry way to greet the day.

I’m all for slow mornings, so unless I have plans in the first half of the day, I wake up whenever my body decides it is time, based on how tired I am. Most days, this is around 8:30 am.

My slow 30

Depending on the time I wake up, I have what I call a 'Slow 30.'

 Being self-employed comes with plenty of stress and instability but because I set my routine, I can spend 30 minutes in bed each morning reconnecting to myself. Sometimes this looks like a meditation, some breaths, writing in my dream journal or setting intentions for the day.

Beautiful woman in a cream room
Giselle shares how she starts her days

I'm not against checking phones in the morning, I have a complex self-care system on my Reminders app that houses my rituals and kind words to say to myself, so I'll open that up.

Something I say all the time is, "The world will wait for you", so I don't check my emails first thing, but I will send some good morning texts to my favourite people.

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Morning supplements

I have multiple sclerosis so I worked with my nutritionist Marjolein Dutry van Haeften on a supplement protocol that best supports me.

Handful of Vitamins© Getty
Giselle takes a variety of supplements each morning

I take vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium and CoQ10 supplements. I'm not always super diligent and try to be gentle with myself when I forget to take them or if I've run out and ordering more falls off my to-do list. We can always begin again tomorrow.

Morning manifestation

I have a section called "Vision" on my Reminders app, which has a list of my long-term intentions and things I’m manifesting.

They always encompass what I'm calling in for myself, other people (both the people I know and the people in the world that I don’t know), and then the planet. 

Woman holding her phone and smiling © Perry Gibson
Giselle at The Amex Experience receiving a palm reading

I'm more focused on experiences and creating change, than the material. So, it's often a list of how I want to feel or wishing people well, than say a handbag.

I also have a micro list of small things that I want to manifest each week. For example, I wrote fresh flowers on the list last week and my best friend brought some when she visited the next day. Quiet, simple joys. I read the list when I wake up, and it makes me smile, nothing too complex.

AM affirmations

After I've read my vision list, I'll often affirm, "I have everything I've asked for," and then, I consider it done and don't think about it again.

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Affirmations always need to come with inner work, otherwise they can be wishful thinking and our brains won't believe what we're saying is true. I only work with two or three affirmations at a time, and I create them based on a feeling I'd like to have soon that I'm growing into, not one that seems too far off.

It's easy to fall into the trap of repeating, "I'm rich," when your bank account is in overdraft and wondering why you don't believe it. Instead, try saying something like, "I am committed to managing my money more" - it might sound boring, but is more likely to benefit you.

Right now, my relationship with my body is a focus, so instead of affirming, "I love my body so much," which is out of reach for most of us, I'm saying, "Every day I am growing in compassion with my body."

woman in a smart navy dress© Instagram
Giselle keeps her affirmations simple

Breakfast time

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day, so I can't function until I've done that. I don't drink coffee so I'll often have a rooibos earl grey or herbal tea, while I get set up for the day.

I have some daily promises to myself that I try to keep up with but I'm spacious with when exactly in the day I do them, based on my schedule. Sometimes my walk or time in nature will be in the morning, sometimes it'll be in the evening. But, as a writer, my morning always includes writing.

It's easy to be on autopilot with our days but we have never met this new day before. Spending time in the morning to make a ceremony out of the day is my way of greeting it, being grateful to be here for another one, and allowing the day to be whatever it will be.

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