Emma Watson's nail secrets revealed

Celebrities from Rihanna to Beyoncé always step out rocking flawless manicures, whether on the red carpet or on the front row at Fashion Week. Nail artist Glenis Baptiste has worked in the industry for over ten years with stars from Emma Watson to Julianne Moore, and reveals what looks the A-list love for their nails, and how to recreate them at home.


Emma Watson's nail artist has revealed her nail secrets

Which celebrities have you worked with recently?

I worked with Julianne Moore recently at the BAFTAs and also with actress Emma Watson - Emma is a huge manicure fan and knows so much about nails. We joked that in a past life she must have been a nail technician! She loves a dark shiny nail but also likes to be quite girly – she’s a bit of a chameleon and knows all about the latest colour trends.

Which celebrities love to have fun with their nails/nail art?

Emma likes to play around with her nail colours depending on what she’s wearing. Rihanna and Beyoncé are quite daring and are often the first ones to be spotted sporting a new nail trend. Rihanna loves really pointed nails!

Who has the most elegant nail look?

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini does elegant very well whilst also still being able to pull off edgy. And let’s not forget the guys. Daniel Craig is ultra-stylish and loves having groomed nails – I’ve given his nails a buff on a few occasions!

Which celebrities should we look at for nail inspiration?

Rihanna and Beyoncé are always at the top of my list along with Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Jessie J, Lily Allen and Madonna. They aren’t afraid to try new looks and if anyone’s going to try a new trend, it’s these ladies.

Emma is a fan of polished nails

How can I achieve that A-list celebrity look at home?

Really neat and tidy, well-groomed nails are a must so it’s important to prep the nails and cuticles first. You never see an A-lister with scruffy nails! Use a good quality buffer like the MICRO Nail to achieve a really fast but professional looking healthy high shine finish. A super glossy topcoat is also key. Apply your base coat, colour and top coat all within seconds of each other – you don’t have to wait around for each step to dry. Finish with a layer of cuticle oil. Not only will this nourish the nails but it will also help seal the top coat and act as a barrier so no more smudging!

What nail trends should we be following for AW15?

The catwalks saw a pared back approach to make-up and we are seeing the same when it comes to nails with the return of the natural nail for next season. The trend for long and pointy isn’t going to be so popular – it’s all about going short. A less is more approach with a focus on natural shapes painted in ‘nearly nude’ colours. We’ll still see nail art but it’s going to be more of a one finger nail art/bright pop of colour sitting alongside nude nail colours or just highly buffed and left natural and high shine. MICRO Nail is perfect for achieving this look and it’s so quick.

MICRO Nail, £39.99, is an innovative nail care device that gently buffs, smoothes and polishes nails in seconds leaving them naturally beautiful, healthy and instantly shiny.