Pizza highlighter is the product we didn't know we needed until now

Any beauty addict will know the pain that comes with breaking your favourite pressed powder – but beauty vlogger Gina Kay found a solution, causing a stir amongst beauty fans in the process. The make-up guru brought two of our favourite things together when she created this mouth-watering pizza highlighter – and revealed how you can recreate one at home.


Pizza highlighter is our new favourite beauty must-have

Sharing a glimpse of the pizza highlighter with her legions of Instagram followers, Gina revealed that she decided to get creative and use some of her other make-up products to fix the broken powder.

"My pressed highlighter broke today so I decided to mix it with loose shimmer eyeshadows and rubbing alcohol to create a pepperoni pizza highlighter!" she explained in a caption accompanying the snap of her quirky creation.

Within days of the photo being posted, it's gone viral, with thousands of fans praising Gina for her innovative idea, some even clamouring for her to launch a line of the pizza highlighters.


A video posted by Gina ( on

Gina showed off the shimmering highlighter on Instagram

Proving that the product worked as flawlessly as our other favourite shimmering highlighters, Gina also posted a short clip in which she wore some of the powder on her hands, turning them slowly to show off the highlighting power of this new beauty must-have.

It's not the first time this year that a highlighter has made waves in the beauty industry. Cosmetics brand Bitter Lace Beauty sparked a whole new trend earlier this year when they gave fans a sneak peek at their new creation, rainbow highlighter.

Rainbow highlighter also took the industry by storm


Named 'Prism', the brand described their new must-have as "a unicorn in a pan", as fans immediately began placing orders. Now, rainbow beauty has been taking over Instagram, with bloggers and make-up artists experimenting with everything from colourful eyelashes to rainbow-inspired eyeshadow.