The top 5 best strobing tutorials on YouTube

There's no doubt that strobing is the latest make-up trend to take the beauty world by storm. Even Kim Kardashian has admitted she has ditched her beloved contouring in favour of the subtle yet striking look, which consists of using highlighter to catch light for a fresh-faced, dewy finish.

We take a look at the vloggers who have not only mastered the trend, but who have shared some of our favourite tutorials on how to recreate the look yourself – scroll below for the full list.

1. Wayne Goss

Strobing relies heavily on highlighter and a natural shimmer, so make-up guru Wayne delighted fans when he shared a tutorial on how to recreate the trend to ensure it looked "very natural". Describing the look as "very wearable", he revealed it makes a great option if you're after something to take from "day to night". 


2. Carli Bybel

Carli's video has already garnered over one million views, with her handy step-by-step guide to mastering the look. Using concealer as a base, using a Beauty Blender to ensure the make-up is even. Carli doesn't abandon contouring completely, admitting that she contoured her nose to complete the look.


3. Leyla Rose
If you're struggling with oily skin, strobing can seem a daunting trend as it works to highlight the shimmer in your complexion. However, Leyla Rose has found the trick to find the right balance for this "intense highlighting without contour" trend.



4. Elanna Pecherle
Elanna gives a comprehensive step-by-step peek into her strobing routine, admitting that the most important step is "highlighting with a brightening concealer". She also takes the opportunity to reveal her must-have products to achieving the look – all of which are budget-friendly.

5. Hollie Wakeham

For those who don't want to ditch contouring completely, Hollie shows you how to use strobing to sculpt your face, revealing the best places to apply the highlighter in order to enhance your features – not to mention she also reveals her must-have products for a striking finish.

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