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10 celebrities who had skinny eyebrows way before Rihanna made them a thing

And no, they're not making a comeback (phew)

This week, beauty rebel Rihanna sparked an eyebrow conversation we haven't considered in a while – is it time to ditch the Delevingne bushy-brow? Appearing on the cover of the September issue of British Vogue­ – looking incredible, as usual, might we add – the singer rocked a pair of skinny brows like we haven't seen since the noughties, prompting some to speculate whether our eyebrow preferences are about to change once again. Thankfully, the answer to that question is no.

rihanna vogue

Rihanna's British Vogue cover

Sherille Riley of Nails and Brows Mayfair, whose past clients include none other than Duchess Meghan, says it's simply a conceptual look for creative effect. "This is not a trend for everyday wear," she says. "Thin brows will actually overexpose features and reduce balance to the face." And while we're mainly glad they won't be making a return, we couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic about the stars that truly rocked a thinner-than-thin brow back in the day. Ready for a walk down memory lane?

WATCH BELOW: The woman behind the A-lister's eyebrows

Gwen Stefani

Gwen was arguably the queen of the skinny brow 20 years ago – is there anything more iconic than the No Doubt lead singer in her heyday? Plus, those face gems and space buns wouldn't look out of place on any self-respecting festival-goer these days. 

gwen brows© Photo: Getty Images

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Angelina Jolie

Also in the thin-brow-brigade back in the 90s was Angelina. Annoyingly, she still looks breathtakingly beautiful – here she is posing for a promo for 1995 film Hackers, and at the 2018 BAFTA awards. Has the woman aged at all?

angelina brows© Photo: Getty Images

Cameron Diaz

You could draw Cameron's eyebrows on with bright orange felt tip and she'd still look stunning, couldn't you? The main issue back in 2000 was that she hadn't discovered brow pencil yet, we reckon. The actress actually has finer brows naturally, and chooses not to over-enhance them even today.

cameron diaz brows© Photo: Getty Images

Christina Aguilera

Oh Christina, this was a moment. The early noughties saw the singer seemingly remove every single brow hair and opt for a thin line of pencil instead – or did she block them out with makeup? We'll never know, though we can only thank the beauty gods that her natural face-framers seem to have returned.

christina brows© Photo: Getty Images

Drew Barrymore

Drew was another of the original 90s babes who went to town with the plucking – these days, she owns her own beauty brand and has switched back to the bushy-browed crew, where she truly belongs.

drew barrymore brows© Photo: Getty Images

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Jessica Alba

We can't believe this snap of Jessica from 1999! The actress did a double whammy with straight and skinny – now that's a commitment. She couldn't look any more different in the brow department now, could she?

jessica alba brows© Photo: Getty Images

Paris Hilton

Does Paris have any eyebrows in this photo? We'll let her off, since she was only 18 at the time. We've all been there.

paris brows© Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Richie

Paris' then-bestie Nicole Richie followed suit with her own brow look, of course. These days they're certainly fuller, though she clearly has a naturally finer shape that she doesn't over-draw.

nicole richie© Photo: Getty Images

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Kylie Jenner

You might be shocked to see that even Kylie had a skinny-brow-moment – as recently as 2010. Now, she prefers a much fuller look, tinting them and filling-in with a pencil to create her structured finish.

kylie brows© Photo: Getty Images

Laura Prepon

Then there's Orange Is The New Black star Laura Prepon, who has earned her place on this list by defiantly rocking her favoured micro-brow shape since the very beginning of her Hollywood career back in the 90s. We have nothing but respect.

laura prepon brows© Photo: Getty Images

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