The 'glazed doughnut' highlight is the latest makeup technique taking the internet by storm

Krispy Kremes as beauty inspiration? Who'd have thought it

Thanks to Instagram, there's been plenty of weird and wonderful beauty hacks taking trending status this year - from crown eyeshadow to garden brows (the less we think about that the better) - but every now and then, a viral tip comes along that we just might think about seriously trying ourselves. The latest technique? The 'glazed doughnut' highlight. Ever wanted to glow as brightly as a Krispy Kreme original? Now's your chance…

Instagrammer @thestudyofmakeup loves an intense highlight, too

Hear us out. They're smooth, plump and have just the right amount of sheen - who wouldn't want their complexion to look like a glazed doughnut? The idea actually came about back in 2017, when makeup artist Nikena began posting pictures of her particularly strongly highlighted looks - choosing to add shimmer to very small points of her face to create her signature 'glazed' look. 


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YouTube star NikkieTutorials even named an Ofra highlighter Glazed Doughnut - a very pale, pearlescent shade to give the ultimate bright, concentrated look. And now, budget brand Essence have jumped on the bandwagon too, with their own version for just £3.50. Choose small spots on the complexion to highlight, such as the tip of the nose, the very highest point of the cheekbone, the corners of the eyes and the temples - a small, fluffy brush is the ideal tool.

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A light dusting of shimmer on the brow bone is pretty popular, but if you want to really emulate your favourite baked good, go in mega-strong underneath the brows - like Instagram influencer @thestudyofmakeup, who also favours adding a sheen to the centre of her bottom lip. It all adds to that plumped, healthy look - but if you prefer to keep things looking a little more natural, go lightly. Have we won you over yet? Or are you just really hungry…