Trinny Woodall's daughter Lyla stars in her mum's new ad campaign

Lyla could be one to watch in the modelling world… 

Trinny Woodall has many strings to her bow; style guru, Instagram star, beauty maven, and mum to a teenage daughter. The 56-year-old style star, who is the founder of successful beauty brand Trinny London, has a close relationship with her beautiful daughter, who she lives with in their home in West London. Trinny's even named a new lip Sheer Shimmer product after her.

Trinny and Lyla on Trinny's Instagram page

The mum-and-daughter duo have joined up for the ad campaign and they look incredible. Dressed in metallics, the pair are both wearing the new Sheer Shimmer lip colours. Lyla's rose-shimmer champagne hue is 'Bunny' - the nickname that Trinny uses for her, and Trinny is wearing 'Mama,' a gold-flecked sheer red. Both shades match their personalities, and are priced at £22 each.

Bunny Sheer Shimmer, £22, TRINNY London


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Trinny's fans will know that Lyla often makes an appearance on her mum's Instagram feed, and Trinny often talks about the designer clothes she's saving for her daughter to wear when she's older. Lyla has appeared on This Morning, hosting an item on the clothes children would choose for their mothers. In a discussion about Lyla being a natural on camera, Trinny told You Magazine: "She is, but I don’t want to be the sort of parent that ropes their child into everything they do. The line between home and work becomes blurred because I have to keep my social media going, but I don’t overthink it; it is what it is. I feel we’re very close right now and she has good friends and she’s a good friend to other girls and that’s important to take you through life."

Mama Sheer Shimmer, £22, TRINNY London


In a conversation about her parenting technique she told 10daily: "I think how I was brought up, has shaped how I parent. My mother is a fabulous woman, but she wasn’t necessarily the same kind of mother that I am to Lyla. I lived in a different time when I grew up, so I wasn’t that close to my mother. I love her dearly, but I wouldn’t have shared hardly anything with her and we didn’t see each other a huge amount."


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Trinny revealed to The Times in March that she is putting everything she has into her business so that it becomes a legacy for her daughter. 

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