Jade Jagger shares snap of baby son Ray from her holiday home in Goa

Jade Jagger shared a rare photo of her baby son Ray on Thursday. Showing how much her little boy has grown since he made his debut in HELLO! Magazine in July, Mick Jagger's daughter Jade posted a picture of the eight-month-old youngster from her family holiday in Goa.

"#goa #rubber ducky #holiday #seaside love that baby Ray," Jade captioned the adorable image of her son at the family's holiday home on the Indian coast.


Ray on holiday in Goa

Since his arrival on 11 June 2014, Jade has shared a handful of shots of her son.

"Proud (grand) mama #family #grandma," wrote Jade alongside a picture Ray with his niece Ezra – whose mother Assisi Jackson is Jade's eldest daughter and Rolling Stone Mick's granddaughter.

"Can't wait to come home to my baby Ray x," she captioned another sweet picture of Ray showing off his bright blue eyes,

The eight-month-old youngster has striking eyes

Jade and Assisi introduced their two new arrivals, who were born just a month apart, in a world exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! last year.

"It was quite peculiar that the pregnancies happened at the same time," said Jade. "I can't help but have a sense of humour about it. But becoming a grandmother doesn't faze me or make me feel older. I don't feel like a grandmother, because the babies are so close in age it almost feels like they are brother and sister. It's been really great. We're lucky."

Jade also explained to HELLO! why she kept news of her pregnancy quiet for several weeks.

Jade Jagger in January 2015

"I waited for a few months before I told Assisi because I wanted to do all the tests and feel confident that everything was okay because at my age, that was important," she said. "I also didn't want to take away from Assisi and make her feel like I had stolen her moment."

Assisi, who is in a long term relationship with her chef boyfriend Alex Key, revealed that she had no idea that she was soon to become a big sister again.

"No, I didn't have any idea," she said. "I think when you're pregnant yourself, you think you're the centre of the universe.

"Proud (grand) mama #family #grandma."

"She was really supportive when I told her about me. She told me a bit later, when she was four months gone. I was shocked but it's amazing for her and Adrian to have a baby because they are so happy together. Ray is Adrian's first child and it's lovely. I'm so happy it has ended up this way."