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Exclusive! Coleen Rooney reveals why she broke tradition when it came to naming son Cass

Coleen shares four sons with husband Wayne Rooney

Coleen Rooney and her family are about to embark on an exciting adventure as they prepare to relocate to the USA for husband, footballer Wayne Rooney's new job playing for D.C United. And ahead of their departure, the doting mum-of-four chatted to HELLO! about her family life, where she opened up about her sons' reactions to the move, and the newest addition to their family – five-month-old baby Cass – including the unique reason behind his name. Coleen and Wayne broke tradition when it came to naming Cass with a 'C' name as supposed to giving him a 'K' moniker like his elder siblings, but there was a very special reason for this.

coleen rooney her children

Coleen Rooney with her four children

"I've always liked the name Cassius and I had thought about calling one of my other sons that and Cass for short," Coleen explained. "And I do like short names and Cass is quite strong. And when I was looking into the name in the name book, it was spelt with a 'K' as well. But with a 'K' it meant blackbird, but with a 'C' one of the meaning was clever. And with Klay it could have been with a 'C' but I thought it looked stronger with a 'K'".

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coleen rooney

Coleen and her family will be moving to the USA in the near-future

It won't be long before Coleen is living in Washington, and the laid-back mum revealed they are yet to find a home! "It’s a massive thing for us. I am going there for the first time this week and it will be good to sort a house and school and everything so once that is done I think it will be really exciting for us," she said.

While Cass and two-year-old Kit are unaware that they will be moving to Washington soon, Coleen revealed that her eldest two have had very different reactions to the change. "Kai is excited but obviously he will miss his friends and family, my five-year-old Klay – he is such a home bird and he is up in the air about it, but while it is the summer holidays and he is not with his friends day-in, day-out, hopefully it will feel like one long holiday. And the children have so many school holidays so we can always come back, he will be fine!"

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coleen rooney mcdonalds mum of the year

The doting mum at the McDonalds Mum of the Year Award

In between packing and preparing her family for their American adventure, Coleen also found time to take part in the McDonalds Mum of the Year Award, set up in 2015 to recognise an outstanding mum who takes their children to football every week. Of this year's winner, Helen Atkinson, she said: "She's not just a mum she manages her own football team, she does a lot and takes her boys to the game. It's nice to get involved in the event and having a connection with football as my boys play football and of course watching Wayne play football."

Coleen Rooney was speaking at the 2018 FA & McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards, celebrating grassroots heroes across England. Find out more:

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