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Not sure how to talk to kids about race and racism? This website will help

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There are plenty of sensitive issues to talk to children about, but one that should never be shied away from is race and racism. With #BlackLivesMatter protests against the devastating killing of George Floyd and racism around the world, the time to talk to your children about these issues is now. Tackling such an important subject can seem overwhelming, but a website is aiming to help not only parents and carers, but teachers, educators and wider society too.

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The NMAAHC is in Washington

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) has created a toolkit for parents to help children understand what race is, how it operates in society and why race is important. Covering topics including Bias, Whiteness, Race and Racial Identity and Historical Foundations of Race, the new portal is a great foundation for you to start your own conversations with your children, packed with useful resources, videos and bite-sized information. It also includes calls to actions for parents, suggesting questions and topics to cover or chat about with children or tasks to complete. Plus, there are videos to watch to help with your conversations and ideas on how to approach them.

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According to the NMAAHC website, the number one question they’ve been asked since opening the museum is how to talk about race. In 2014, the museum created their signature programme 'Let's Talk! Teaching Race in the Classroom', which they've refined over the years and are now sharing what they’ve learned. "Issues of race are sometimes blatant and obvious, sometimes subtle and nuanced, and often difficult to confront" they wrote on their website. "However, with commitment and caring, we can all play an important role in dismantling racism to create a more inclusive, just, and safe society. By committing to understanding and talking about race, all our lives will be better." 

Visit NMAAHC to start your conversations with your children.

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