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8 ways to get involved in the anti-racism movement

From charity donations to educating your children

anti racist movement
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Following the devastating death of George Floyd, people across the world have been showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, whether it's via protests or participating in Blackout Tuesday. Here at HELLO!, we take a look at some of the ways you can advocate for racial equality, from donating money to education. 

holly willoughby

Holly Willoughby shared this picture as she spoke about anti-racism on Instagram

Discuss it with your children

Holly Willoughby, Victoria Beckham and Reese Witherspoon are just some of the many parents who have taken it upon themselves to educate their children about anti-racism. While mum-of-four Victoria revealed the Beckham family sat down together to read about the issue, Holly shared a poignant quote by Cleo Wade and emphasised the importance of communicating these issues to her children. The This Morning presenter wrote: "It’s hard to know even where to begin with this...for me it’s the responsibility I have as a parent that my children understand the importance of these words said so poignantly by @cleowade ... I know they do already, however these are important conversations to have. Conversations that can never be had and emphasised enough."

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Peaceful protests

If you do plan on joining one of the many protests taking place across the country, then it's important to remain safe, particularly following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With hundreds of people coming together in close proximity and chanting, it can be a breeding ground for germs so Doctor Henrique Pacheco, GP and Medical Advisor at Doctor 4 U, has shared some of his top tips for protecting yourself and others. He said wearing a face mask or scarf is a good form of protection: "Ensure the mask or scarf fits snug around your face. You will be tempted to pull it down to join in with chants and shouting, however, keep the mask on at all times if you can."

For those who are considered high risk but still want to get involved, Henrique said: "You could support those who are protesting by offering up bottles of water of food from the side-lines to ensure that you aren’t getting too close to anyone, and provided you wear gloves and a mask."


Several marches and protests are taking place across the country

Get involved in charity events

Established in 1996, Show Racism the Red Card is the UK’s largest anti-racism educational charity. Although Wear Red Day isn't until 16 October 2020, there are a number of other ways to get involved, including volunteering, fundraising, school workshops and creative competitions for young people.

Donate money 

As well as Show Racism the Red Card, there are plenty of organisations that you can support financially in order to join the battle against discrimination. Stop Hate UK's mission is to challenge all forms of hate crime and discrimination and provides support for victims, witnesses and third parties. Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter - which was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer - is an international organisation that aims to eradicate white supremacy and prevent violence against black communities. 

Be savvy about where you shop

Urban Decay, H&M and ASOS are among the fashion and beauty brands that have announced they are donating to Black Lives Matter. If you are planning to do some online shopping, make a conscious effort to choose one of the brands that have shown support to protestors and are using their influence for good. 

Educate yourself 

It sounds so simple but sometimes getting your hands on some useful resources is the best place to start. To help, we've rounded up some books you can read on the topic (by no means is this a complete list): 

  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley and Malcom X
  • The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
  • White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson
  • So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo
  • Black, Listed by Jeffrey Boakye
  • How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
how to be antiracist

How to be an antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, £8.79, Amazon


Books to teach children about diversity include: 

  • The Girls by Lauren Ace
  • Children in Our World: Racism and Intolerance by Louise Spilsbury
  • Love Makes A Family by Sophie Beer
  • The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad
  • Children in Our World: Racism and Intolerance by Louise Spilsbury
the girls

The Girls by Lauren Ace, from £4.74, Amazon


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Films, series and documentaries you can watch:

  • Hidden Figures is a film about three African American mathematicians working at NASA
  • Just Mercy is a film that follows civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson’s work on death row
  • Becoming is a Netflix documentary on Michelle Obama's book tour
  • 13th is a Netflix documentary that explores racial inequality in the US criminal justice system
  • Dear White People is a Netflix series following a group of students of colour at Winchester University, a predominantly white college

Follow people on social media

Many famous faces have used social media as a platform to voice their support for anti-racism, but there are several more people and organisations you can follow. Here are just a few:

Sign petitions

The #JusticeForFloyd petition aims to bring justice to the four officers involved in the death of George Floyd, and it has almost reached its goal of four million signatures. But there are also several other petitions that you can add your name to, including NAACP We Are Done Dying campaign, Fight for Breonna Taylor and Justice for Ahmaud Arbery.

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