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Tana Ramsay on baby number six and Gordon's TikTok moves

Tana Ramsay talks toddlers and TikTok with HELLO!

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Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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Gordon Ramsay's wife Tana opened up to HELLO! in an exclusive interview before Christmas, revealing what the family-of-seven have been up to in lockdown.

Tana, 46, told us all about their one-year-old son Oscar's "strong character" and how she won't rule out a sixth baby.

The glamorous mother-of-five also divulged the BEST behind-the-scenes info on Gordon's hit TikTok dances with daughter Tilly. "She has the patience of a saint," joked Tana.

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Tana spoke to HELLO! in support of Pampers and Bliss' new campaign to help premature babies and their families during the Covid-19 crisis. Her own twins, Jack and Holly, age 20, were born seven weeks early.

Pampers was raising funds for vCreate - an NHS trusted secure video messaging service on hospital tablets and dongles, which is used to minimise separation anxiety in parents of babies in neonatal wards.

Read our interview with Tana Ramsay here…

Hi Tana, how are you and the family managing in lockdown?

"I think of myself as very lucky that I have a toddler because that gives your day an automatic structure, because their routine is so repetitive - what makes them happy is so easy at this stage.

"My eldest, Meg, is working full time still from home, so she's kept busy. Holly is busy doing a fashion course. Courses are online at the moment, so she's working and having to self-discipline, I suppose, but university is sort of like that.

"Jack is busy and Oscar is running around keeping us all busy. Matilda is taking a gap year so she's a great pair of hands helping me at the moment but also working part-time nannying. So everyone is crazy!"

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Oscar is so cute in your Instagram photos – what's his personality like?

"Well, he definitely has a strong character, let's put it that way! He's hilarious. It's a blessing to us all. He's just figured out how he can play one off against the other and that's not just Gordon off against me – that's everyone. So if someone says 'no', he literally moves onto the next and tries to get his way with them."

tana ramsay oscar© Photo: Instagram

Tana with her son Oscar

"Being an older parent and having done this before, you have a way of sitting back and relaxing more and laughing with them. The other thing for me is I had four of age four and under, so to have one is certainly easier."

You've previously said you'd like a 6th child… 

"Do you know, the problem is that I so love babies but I think I'll still be saying that when I'm in my 70s!

"I don't think there's ever a time when I'll go, 'Oh my god never, ever, ever again but let's just say I count my blessings and think I'm incredibly lucky. I'm just enjoying every single moment of this one."

Would you say you're quite an organised mum?

"I don't know if I'm organised. You get things done. I think if you asked Gordon if I'm organised he'd laugh, but then at the same time he knows he couldn't do it without me."

We love watching Gordon and Tilly's dances on TikTok!

"I know…do you know how long it takes her to teach him to do like a two-minute dance? She has the patience of a saint."

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tilly ramsay© Photo: Instagram

Gordon and daughter Tilly

Do they ask you to join in on TikTok?

"Well she does, but I have absolutely no sense of rhythm so she gives up. I leave it to her and Gordon. I'll quote happily just be watching and laughing."

What's coming up for you – will there be more cookbooks or TV shows?

"No, not at the moment. I have a beauty salon in Battersea and we're just about to celebrate nine years, so that takes up a lot of my time.

"The priority is being there for all the kids, who funnily enough, as they get older, they need you more - almost more than when they were little. Between balancing that and looking after the kids and being married to Gordon, there's quite a lot going on. That's pretty much enough to keep me stretched in all areas at the moment."

Do you have Zoom chats with friends? You're good friends with Victoria Beckham…

"To be honest, it's more the team of girls I have at work, checking in with them. We have regular zoom calls because I think it's really good to keep up their morale. As their boss, it's my responsibility to keep them in good spirits and check-in that everything's ok.

"Between work and doing lots of zoom calls with the kids who aren't at home, it's full-on. I love Zoom and I think having that visual contact is really important."

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