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James and Ola Jordan on Ella's first beach day and expanding their family - exclusive

Catch up on the former Strictly dancers' latest column

ola james jordan
Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
June 4, 2021
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Ola and James Jordan have spoken exclusively to HELLO! about their hopes of expanding their family in the future.

Speaking in their weekly parenting column, the former Strictly stars told us how they would love a brother or sister for their 15-month-old daughter Ella although they're in no rush right now. "Yeah we'd like to," revealed James. "One more. Two children would be perfect."

The family have had an exciting week, taking Ella to the beach for the first time and you can see her adorable day out in our video below. Ola and James also open up about the trials of those night-time wakings with a toddler. Read their column below…

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WATCH: Ella's first time at the beach!

Ola's day off!

Mum Ola had a much-deserved day off this week when she headed up to London for a shopping and pampering day, with James in charge of little Ella at home.

The doting dad tells us: "I had to cook porridge and then I've just given her some toast and now she's having a yoghurt and it's all around her face!" Aw!

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ella jordan

Cute Ella with yoghurt on her face!   Photo credit: James Jordan

Ola did have a slightly annoying start to her day, however, when Ella had a rare lie-in – the morning when mum couldn't stay in bed.

"It's just typical!" says Ola. "Ella normally wakes up at 5am and then mummy's got to take her bed and give her a cuddle – and obviously, I don't sleep from that point.

"Then today, I've had my alarm at 6.30, got up, had a shower, and my baby's slept till 8.30am! So James is standing there laughing going, 'She's not up yet!'" Ola, we feel your pain.

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Ella's exciting beach day

Mum and dad took Ella for her first-ever beach day at Folkestone this week to enjoy the hot weather – and the video clips are just adorable.

James reveals: "It was lovely and so nice for Ella to see the sea. When she saw it, she didn't know what to do with herself, she was so excited."

ella on beach

Ella checking out the stones on the beach   Photo credit: James Jordan

"For us, seeing her little face light up, it's so cute," adds Ola. "When you're a parent, I suppose you appreciate the feeling of your baby discovering new things – it was so amazing.

"The seagulls were as big as her because she's only tiny. She's like, 'What is this?!' She had a bit of her sandwich that she didn't want and I put it on the table – the seagull came and ate it. Ella was like, 'Whoa, it ate my sandwich!'"

"It was an experience!" says James. "We were there about three hours. It was a really hot day and then she started getting tired and there was no shade anywhere, so we decided to leave. It was nice to go with grandma."


A fun day out with grandma    Photo credit: James Jordan

Ola adds: "And she was smothered in factor 50 obviously – not sure she loved that! We've never been out with a baby to the beach, so it was definitely an adventure."

"She slept all the way home and she was snoring bless her," tells James.

Ella runs away from ice cream

In the video, we see sweet Ella try an ice cream, but she doesn't like it and runs away!

"I mean, what child runs away from ice cream?" asks mum. "Maybe it was a bit cold for her, I don't know. I need to make ice creams for her at home so she can get used to it." 

James says: "It wasn't the first time she'd had ice cream – she had it at our friend's house a few weeks ago and she threw up everywhere. But I did give her a lot of cream as well, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you did," recalls Ola. "Daddy got a bit excited."

"My friend made this cake with cream and everything. James was like, 'Oh my god Ola, she loves it' and he was feeding her and feeding her. Then she felt ill, he handed her to me and she threw up everywhere! I was dressed up, had done my hair and I had baby sick all over me."  Poor Ola!

Ella's getting cheeky

Like all toddlers, Ella seems to have discovered her cheeky side and there was a little incident with the family TV this week.

james jordan ella

Dad James having a cuddle with Ella     Photo credit: James Jordan

"She is getting naughtier now," reveals dad. "She's got these little plastic golf clubs and she ran up to the TV yesterday and started smashing the TV with the golf clubs - and if you tell her 'no', she finds it funny and does it even more!"

Ola suggests distracting Ella and saying things like, "Oh, there's a doggy and there's a ball'.

Coping with night-time wakings

Last week, Ola and James revealed how Ella is getting a little clingy and Ola is still worried about the behaviour.

"She is very clingy and I'm really scared now because I can't do anything without her," says mum. "We've been asked to go out for dinner with friends next week so I'm planning on having my sister round to babysit when Ella is asleep. But sometimes she wakes up around 11pm for a little mummy cuddle…"

Ola adds: "It's hard because I don't know how to break from that, to put her in bed and she goes off by herself. I don't know if I need to get tips from a sleep consultant maybe. And also, she still wakes up quite a lot. As soon as she cries, we literally jump out of bed!"

"Maybe we should just let her be for a bit and see if she goes back down. At the moment, she knows, every time she screams, mummy's there. But with a first baby, you don't know and you learn from your mistakes."

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Thinking about baby number two

Ola and James are having such a wonderful time right now with sweet Ella, we ask if they're thinking about expanding their family in the future?

Ola tells us that they haven't had the conversation yet and it's still "up in the air", but they would like another child.

She says: "I'd still like to go on holiday with Ella and go and see my mum and dad soon hopefully, so I still want to enjoy her a little bit longer.

"I don't know what the right thing to do is. I am going to be 40 next year. My clock is definitely ticking. We'd like to see if it's going to happen naturally, but if it doesn't, then we'll just have to think about it."

Ola reveals: "I mean we definitely would like to have more, yeah. Not too many more!"

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