Watch: James and Ola Jordan share sweet video of Ella's first restaurant trip

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Little Ella Jordan has been a very busy young lady over the past few weeks, starting her first baby music class, going shopping and visiting a farm - and now she's had her first meal out.

In our exclusive video below, you can watch the adorable 14-month-old daughter of former Strictly dancers James and Ola Jordan enjoy her first visit to a restaurant.

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WATCH: Ella's first trip to a restaurant

"We kind of went there for us more than her, I'm not going to lie!" admitted James. "We love a Wagamamas! We haven't had Wagamamas since way before Ella was born."

In their weekly parenting column, James and Ola tell us all about their lunch out, how Ella's music class is going and how their daughter is growing up bilingual!

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The toddler loves to chat - and during our interview, we can hear her babbling in the background. We ask if they know what Ella's saying and James replies, "No clue at all!"

We also hear how the couple are finally grabbing a bit of me-time after months at home together – and discover Ola's favourite TV show that James dislikes!

Ola and James Jordan

Ella's first trip to a restaurant

It's a big occasion taking your child to a restaurant for the first time, and now that lockdown has eased, Ola and James couldn't wait to go for lunch at Wagamama.

"It was amazing!" says Ola. "I'm not sure Ella loved it to be honest. I think it was a bit too weird for her – not like mummy's cooking.

Ella eating lunch at the restaurant

"She had noodles, chicken, cucumber, sweetcorn and carrots. She loves her sweetcorn. The carrot was a bit hard – she doesn't really like hard things. I normally cook her carrot. She tried, she used her fork. It was her first time in a restaurant which must have been quite strange for her.

James adds that Ella loved doing a bit of colouring at the lunch: "She liked the crayons didn't she? That's the first time she's had crayons actually. She really enjoyed that and then at the end she was eating one of the crayons and we had to try and get bits of it out of her mouth!"

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The couple tells us that Ola had gone off certain foods while she was pregnant, so it was great to be back.

"When I was pregnant I didn't want rich food," reveals Ola. "I wanted to go to a pizza place. So James missed out on that sort of food for ages. We'll definitely be going out to eat more now."

James' first time with Ella at baby class

For the past few weeks, James hasn't been able to join Ola and Ella at her baby music class due to COVID restrictions - but now rules have changed, he was able to join in the fun.

James sharing a cuddle with baby Ella

James tells us: "It was lovely. Ola said she was very different with me around…"

Ola agrees: "She was a bit more playful when daddy was around I think. James was the only man in the class and he was joining in with stamping his feet and clapping his hands and everything.

"There was a little girl a few months older than Ella and she loved James! She kept coming up and giving him toys and smiling at him."

And it sounds like little Ella is doing well listening to her parents' instructions.

Ola recalls: "There are some blinds in the room and some of the children go and pull them, and so did Ella this week. I said to James, 'She wouldn't do that if you weren't here'. But when we said, 'No', she came back straight away. I don't have to get up at all. I just say, 'Come back' and she comes back to me, which is quite helpful!"

At home with Ella

"She's becoming a lot cuddlier," says doting dad James.

"She's been cuddling her teddy bear a lot," tells Ola. "Before I put her to bed I give her a bottle and a cuddle, and she turns around and grabs my face and gives me a kiss. It's so sweet. She's becoming that little person now."

Ella loves giving her mummy kisses

While Ella is a confident little girl, she also has a shy side, as James explains. "We've been seeing more people. Like today, for example, our agent came round to see us, so another new person being here. She gets a bit shy sometimes. If a man comes in she always comes to me and stands by my feet. With women, she goes to me or Ola."

And it seems like a little separation anxiety has set in, especially when mummy or daddy go out.

"When I leave, Ella's very aware now that I'm going and gets very upset," says James. "I know everyone goes through that but because we've always been with her, I've only just started to notice it now."

Ola says: "Like when James gets dressed, she can see that he's going and she's waving to him, gets cuddly." James adds: "I sit on the stairs and she brings me my shoes and then when I leave I can hear her crying."

But she cheers up when she sees daddy on the phone. Ola reveals: "James will Facetime Ella to see her face. She grabs my phone and goes, 'Dada Dada'. She's so happy, that smile on her face, and she's kissing him over the phone. Oh my god, amazing. It's lovely to see the bond that they have."

Ola and Ella on her first birthday

Ola also tells us how Ella is growing up bilingual.

The mum tells us: "I do speak Polish to Ella but not enough. I would like to speak more to her because my mum and dad don't speak English so I'd like her to understand a little bit of them when they meet."

Grabbing some adult me-time

During our chat, James reveals that he had a late night this week, out until 2am. "I was with some friends in London who are going through a tough time, so we all met up and had a game of poker. It was really nice," he says.

The couple admit that while they love each other, a bit of space is most welcome after months in lockdown together. "At last, a bit of freedom!" James laughs.

Ola agrees: "As much as I love him, I liked him going out and doing other things. I sorted my wardrobe out and watched the TV I wanted to watch, the Kardashians, that he doesn't let me watch! Just doing my own thing."

James and Ola in their Strictly days

Opening their pool for summer!

"Hopefully we're going to get some good weather soon because I want to open the swimming pool," says James. "We'd like to get in there with Ella and teach her how to swim," Ola reveals.

The mum explains that she has had a fear of water since childhood and doesn't want to pass that onto her daughter. "My mum was always scared of water and I was never taught to swim," she explains. "That fear stayed with me but I wouldn't want Ella to be scared like me."

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