Japan’s best-selling skincare brand Hada Labo has launched a premium line to treat menopausal skin

In partnership with Hada Labo Tokyo

Hormonal imbalances during the menopause can cause significant changes to your skin – one being increased dryness and dehydration. Your oestrogen levels can alter significantly both during and after this time as well, making your skin more sensitive and prone to irritation and redness.

In addition, collagen production decreases by 30% during the first five years of menopause, triggering an increase in fine lines and skin slackening.

Introducing hydrating products with glycerin, ceramides and hyaluronic acid will help replenish your skin barrier both pre and post menopause and enhance moisture for a plump, firm complexion.

Cue Hada Labo Tokyo’s Premium line which contains five different types of hyaluronic acid to combat the visible effects of menopause on the skin. As Japan’s number-one selling skincare range, the brand focuses on wonder ingredients to quench dry or dehydrated skin at multiple levels. Known for its ability to hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, HA is the hero ingredient for plump, healthy-looking skin. 

Ranging from super to large, standard and nano, the extra fifth molecule in the brand’s Premium range bonds the other four to supply a deeper boost of hydration for your skin. This aids extra-dry skin and restores firmness and elasticity, hydrating and plumping your complexion from the inside out.

You can add a hydration step seamlessly into your skincare regime and see the benefits almost instantly.

Hada Labo Tokyo Premium Lotion, £19.45, Superdrug


After cleansing, use the Hada Labo Tokyo Premium Lotion. Its water-like consistency provides a foundation of moisture for a healthier skin barrier, acting as a base level of hydration for the active ingredients in your other skincare products to work their magic.

Hada Labo Tokyo Premium Day Cream, £20.45, Superdrug


Follow with the Premium Day Cream. With a milky-like consistency, this day cream refreshes and firms the skin – and is fragrance free to prevent further irritation.

Hada Labo Tokyo Premium Night Cream, £22.95, Superdrug


Try the Premium Night Cream as the last step in your nighttime regime. This nourishing cream works overnight to preserve your skin’s moisture, ensuring it remains hydrated overnight, whilst working intensely to combat visible signs of ageing.

Discover the full Hada Labo Tokyo Premium range in Superdrug stores and online at superdrug.com