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Clarins launches super innovative line for menopausal skin - and the reviews are amazing

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clarins menopause skincare
Esther Coombes
Esther CoombesContent Lead
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Here at HELLO!, we have been advocating to remove the taboos and stigma regarding the menopause, and together with Clarins we are proud to address the topic openly so that more women may feel more empowered and experience a more positive time.

In addition to navigating the common, sometimes debilitating physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause, many women start to notice changes to their skin, leading them to question their existing routine and the need for tailored products.

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Among the most observed effects are an increase in dryness and dehydration, a loss of elasticity and deeper set fine lines. In response to this, Clarins has reformulated its much-loved Super Restorative range, supercharging their formulas with effective, natural ingredients backed by science to target and treat the characteristic side effects reported by women. 

Formulated especially for skin that has become unbalanced due to hormonal changes, the two new hero products are the day and night creams, available for normal skin types or very dry skin, plus a formula with an SPF to help defend against damage from UV rays.

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Super Restorative Day Cream for All Skin Types, £77, Clarins

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Super Restorative Day Cream SPF15, £77, Clarins

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Super Restorative Night Cream for All Skin Types, £81, Clarins

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Super Restorative Day Cream for Very Dry Skin, £77, Clarins

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Super Restorative Night Cream for Very Dry Skin, £81, Clarins


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Used individually after cleansing, choose the Day and Night cream that best suits you. Your complexion will appear more tightened and immediately smoothed, and with facial features looking more lifted.

And there are impressive reviews to confirm – when tested on 111 women over 28 days, 84% of women reported that the day/night duo helped their skin regain a perfect balance for a younger-looking appearance. 88% said that their skin felt plumped after using the day cream, while 80% said skin felt lifted and tighter following the use of the night cream.

One user even saw results after only using the product a few times: “Due to being in my menopause, my skin is dull and dry. [The cream] made a huge difference in just a few days. My skin looked brighter, and my wrinkles seemed less noticeable.”

How the Clarins Super Restorative range helps menopausal skin

Benefitting from 18 years of studies on skin affected by hormonal changes linked to age, Clarins Laboratories investigated a new field of research called mechanobiology – a science that studies the effect mechanical strength has on cells, such as those responsible for the elasticity and slackening of the skin (fibroblasts).

Fibroblasts help produce collagen and elastin fibres within the skin which help maintain skin tissue. Over time, the production of these fibres diminishes, causing a loss of density, firmness, and elasticity in the skin – essentially, the skin’s visible ageing process.

2022 research by Clarins Laboratories found that after menopause, fibroblasts lose 99.6% of their tension strength compared to younger cells. To tackle this, the brand has introduced two new ingredients to the Super Restorative formulas to help women treat changes to their skin and face the menopause with more confidence.

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Extracted from the hardy evergreen shrub grown in France, organic gorse showed an 89% increase in restoring tone to fibroblasts, as well as aiding the skin to fight slackening. This was combined with organic harungana extract, a plant-based alternative to retinol that helps to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and visibly improves the quality of the skin.

Following a pattern of protect and replenish, the Clarins Super Restorative day creams are enriched with vegetal squalane that helps defend from aggressors such as UV rays and pollution, while the night creams are enriched with organic service tree bud extract so that skin ‘wakes up’ and looks radiant. The day and night creams are respectively 93% and 91% of natural origin.

Join HELLO! over the coming months as we explore the physical and emotional journey of the menopause with some special celebrity friends, offering expert skincare, makeup, and beauty tips along the way by Clarins.

Discover the new Super Restorative range now in Clarins stores as well as online at

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