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Eye spy: Secrets to make the windows to your soul sparkle

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For years, bright, sparkling eyes have been the ultimate beauty prize. So many myths surround the crusade for perfect peepers that women find themselves seduced by endless products, myths and marketing. Hello! Online went back to basics to find realistic, effective and creative solutions to make the windows to your soul sparkle.


Professional View

Lesley Reynolds Khan is the Co-Founder of Harley Street Clinic and the author of Look Younger For Longer. Her advice goes against everything you will have heard before. "There is no miracle cream that will take away dark circles, or wrinkles," she says. "These are genetic, and actually, too much cream loaded onto the delicate skin around the eyes can cause reactions and puffiness. If you do use a product, find one that contains peptides, this is the only thing that will work to reduce those tell-tale signs." While Lesley isn't completely sold on creams, she is a fan of other methods. "What do work are same-day treatments that don't require any recovery time. Radio Frequency facials can get right into the upper and lower lids. This method heats the skin and boosts collagen production, and the best part is there is no down time – just go and come out looking wonderful!"

Quirky tips to dazzle

 Celebrity hair stylist Asgar says to think out of the box and up to your hairline:

  • The best way to make your eyes stand out is to wear a fringe, cut layers into your locks or play with colour. Hair with red undertones really makes blue or green eyes stand out, black hair sets off lightly coloured eyes and blonde hair looks great with deep, dark brown eyes. Our expert Lesley uses these tried and tested tips every day at home:
  • Pop two teaspoons in the freezer for a few minutes, take them out, then place them over your eyes to reduce bags and puffiness
  • At night, sleep on numerous, elevated pillows to stop fluid accumulating around the eye area. This helps you avoid looking swollen when you wake up
  • Drink plenty of water during the day to flush out toxins and keep the lymphatic system clean
  • Exercise the muscles around the eye, opening them as wide as you can in four small, controlled steps. Repeat this each day

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