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Flaunt silky skin all year long

Take note of these easy and home-made tips to achieve smooth skin

May 14, 2012
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Smooth and silky skin is the dream of many women tired of seeing their epidermis become dry and rough. 

The solution? Hydration is key. Nichola Joss, beauty expert, has worked with Gillete Venus in order to give us a series of simple home-made tips to help us obtain and show off perfect skin all year round. These are three of them: 

Submerge yourself in your own spa at home. Nichola says it’s important to set the mood. In order to do so, she recommends lighting some candles, preparing a warm bath and adding some oils. Try rose or orange scents.

Lower yourself into the bathtub slowly and begin the treatment with a light and smooth massage on your legs with a body balm. Then use a homemade exfoliant made from brown sugar and honey mixed with olive oil. Apply it over your skin in gentle circular movements. It will leave your skin clean, smooth and silky. 

Firm your skin with a massage. Apply a few drops of body oil onto the palms of your hands and rub them together until they are warm. Raise one of your legs and bend the knee slowly. Afterwards, begin the draining massage, starting from the ankle. My trick is to always work the limbs from the outside to the inside in order to activate blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic glands, which eliminate toxins and prevent water retention

Apply a leg mask that lasts through the night. It’s the perfect alternative for dry and sensitive skin. You’ll need knee-high socks, half a cup of almond oil, an avocado, 2 spoonfuls of honey, 5 drops of rose oil and 4 drops of orange oil. Crush the avocado, add the oils and the honey and mix it all together until you achieve a paste. Apply it on your legs, wrap them in adhesive paper and put on the socks. You can also rest your legs on a pillow in order to keep them high whilst sleeping. The next day, remove the socks and the adhesive paper and massage your legs with body oil in order to obtain extra smoothness. 

Extra tip: Pretty legs aren’t as attractive if they aren’t well-shaved. If you usually use a razor, Venus ProSkin Sensitive is a good alternative, since it’s specifically designed to apply less pressure on the skin, thus reducing irritation.

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