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How to: Moisturise your body with homemade products

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Fancy getting a little creative when it comes to your beauty routine? If so, inventing your own body cream can be a rewarding and more purse-friendly option than forking out on branded products. Check in your cupboards for any of the below ingredients, or buy some in that you can incorporate into other areas of your life too as well as slathering onto your skin.

Lavender is soothing on the skin

Ready, set, relax: Lavender soothes both the body and mind

Coconut oil

This is probably one you've heard of before; coconut oil is a true life saver in the kitchen and when it comes to our skin. It moisturises beautifully and works into your skin with ease, softly melting in and delivering an impressive hydration hit. It's also found to be a natural healer and can speed up the recovery of any cuts or wounds, so make it your must-have after shaving to ease any irritation.

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You can't go wrong with this essential oil. Its calming properties not only soothe the skin but relax the mind too and by adding just a few drops to some coconut oil it can make the world of difference. Use to help treat conditions such as psoriases and soothe any irritating bites or sores. Or, simply spray on to your pillow before going to bed to lull you into a sound slumber.

Beeswax is perfect for nourishing dry skin

Ideal for dry, parched skin, beeswax delivers a serious dose of hydration


OK, so this isn't necessarily an ingredient you may have lying about in your home, but trust us when we say it's worth investing in! It's the perfect thing for adding a protective layer to your skin without drying it out, as it both seals and nourishes. It has a subtle scent to it as well, ideal for anyone who isn't a fan of strong smelling lotions and potions. Those sensitive to certain elements needn't fear either as beeswax is harmless to easily-irritated skin.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E doesn't just work wonders on our insides via our diet, it's also essential when it comes to what's on the outside too. Not only will it act as a moisturiser but it's famed for its anti-ageing properties. So if you're feeling a little insecure about certain areas of your body, rub a generous amount of the oil onto the surface of your skin and let it work its magic. Stretch marks and age spots can also be reduced with vitamin E oil - clever, eh?


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