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Treat your skin to a good night's sleep

Pamper your skin before you go to bed

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Skincare isn't something that's reserved for daytime. In fact, the night, and the time you spend asleep, are fundamental for skin regeneration and healing. There's an awful lot going on in your body while you sleep: hormones such as melatonin help your metabolism to slow down and rest, and growth hormones are at work, too, helping with cell multiplication and regeneration and contributing to the replacement of ageing or damaged cells.


Proper rest gives your muscles a chance to relax and eliminates muscle contractions that affect the skin and cause wrinkles; blood flow to the skull improves, and also to the skin; and those free radicals (the terrorist-sounding atoms closely associated with ageing) are eliminated much better than during the day. You can ensure your skin makes the most of this healing time by following the golden beauty rules:

  • Cleanse your skin to remove all traces of sebum, dead cells, fungi and bacteria. We recommend Avene's Gentle Milk Cleanser £11.50
  • Tone to complete the cleansing action using Avene's Gentle Toner £11.50, all available at Boots
  • Moisturise to your particular skin type and age

  • Feed by using a night cream chosen to suit your skin type and to deal with any specific problems you might have

And don't forget your own diet: it's obvious that if you have a heavy or late evening meal, your digestive system will be working overtime, making it difficult to sleep. And if you have difficulty sleeping, you won't be relaxing. So cut back on caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods, and opt for a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, which help eliminate free radicals. If you have difficulty sleeping, herbal teas can help, too.

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