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Saira Khan from Loose Women has amazing glowing skin and these are the 9 tips she swears by

Saira Khan is a pro when it comes to glowing skin...

saira khan skincare
Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
June 24, 2020
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Saira Khan is absolutely gorgeous, there's no doubt about that, but how does she get such glowing skin? We delved into the Loose Women star's beauty secrets when we sat down with her during her recent HELLO! photoshoot. If you think the mum-of-two's glowing skin is down to excellent genes, superb studio lighting or just good luck, you'd be wrong. This is how the 50-year-old really gets incredible skin... 

She keeps fit

"Exercise has really helped me to get my glow because you release all these toxins, and your skin feels better, your blood is circulating and you’re renewing your cells, and that has a direct impact on the way you look on the outside. But also as I’ve got older I can’t have a skincare regime – I’m a busy woman – and as a woman ageing your body produces less oil so you need a product that respects your skin’s balance but doesn’t strip it of oil but gives it back."

saira khan exercise

Saira during a workout

She has her own skincare line

"I use my products every day because they work, and I wanted to make sure that I used ingredients in my skincare which were not made of pesticides because I believe there’s a big link between chemicals in skincare going into your body and having side effects. So I’ve spent a lot of time formulating these products using natural, organic oils that have been produced without any pesticides."

Exfoliates three times a week

"My Exfoliating Treatment Mask has two key ingredients; glycerine, so once you put it on your face and you wash it off it attracts moisture from the air to your face so your face is always being hydrated. And then the organic sugar gets rid of dead skin cells and removes the impurities and gives you radiance and glow and gets rid of anything that dulls your skin. I use it before I get in the shower and leave it for five minutes, then wash it off and will put organic castor oil around my eyes, on my lashes and eyebrows, then use my Hydrating Facial Oil on my face, neck and décolletage. I always use an oil rather than a cream because it sinks into your skin." 

exfoliating face mask

Saira Khan's Exfoliating Treatment Mask, £37, Amazon


Never uses soap

"I think the best skincare advice is less is more, and never use soap on your face. I use a hot, exfoliating organic face cloth and wipe it over my face – no soap. I then use a Vitamin C serum, which really brightens your skin, then I put on my oil and top it up with a sun cream." 

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She has Botox to get rid of 'anger' lines

"I have a little bit of Botox done - it’s good to open up this conversation with women of my generation. What we see on TV are women who have the injectables too far, so it scares the living daylight out of women and they think 'I don’t want to look like that'. But actually, if you have a tiny bit done, and the impact that has on your self-confidence it is worth investing in. Also to know that no cream or topical skincare is going to give you the results that those injectables do because they go deeper into your skin. I started to look quite angry because of the lines on my forehead and just to freshen up my face I just need a tiny bit of botox every six months, and that’s it. And the confidence that gives me is immeasurable. 

"So opening up the conversation and being honest about what you’re doing really helps other women to come forward and think 'I’d like a little bit of that done'. But you need to go to a reputable person and be safe about it."

saira khan smiling

Saira Khan is an ambassador for Operation Smile UK

Hydra facials are a monthly treat

"I do have something called hydra facial, and within that, there’s a peel that works on your skin for about 2 minutes and it gets rid of your dead skin cells, which is good for brightening and relieving pigmentation."

SPF every day

"I wear a sun cream every day, even if I’m working inside."

She doesn't wear foundation (because she doesn't need it)

"I don’t use a foundation, I use a bareMinerals concealer which I dab where I need it. I very rarely use a foundation. I didn’t start wearing makeup until my early 30s. I’ve been wearing mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner from my mid-30s onwards. Before then it was a bit of lipstick, blusher, and that’s it. I didn’t know much about makeup. Now since I’ve been working in TV and with makeup artists, I began to understand how to use it. But I’m glad I came late to it as I think that’s why my skin looks good as well. On Instagram, I’m happy to show my dark circles because it’s the reality. We don’t look fantastic all the time. We all have blemishes."


"I take a lot of omega 3 oils, vitamin D – I’m Asian and I need more of that in my skincare – green tea, and a probiotic which is good for gut health, and I drink Kefir, which is also good for gut health." 

saira khan pr and daughter

Saira on her HELLO! photo shoot

She smiles

"People notice your smile, and a smile is so anti-ageing. I would say 100% there are little things you can do to add confidence to your life and braces cost a lot of money, but invest in your teeth because they have a direct impact on your gut health. When you have your teeth straightened, it takes 10 years off you." 

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