9 outfits we want to steal from Succession's Shiv Roy

We are obsessed with Shiv's style on Succession

Succession is fast becoming one of the most talked about shows of the moment thanks to its complex characters, the gripping plot and the brilliantly intense soundtrack. While much has been said about the scheming machinations of these extremely rich characters, including the Roy family's only daughter, Shiv, it also goes without saying that Shiv plays the game while serving some LOOKS. As one person said on Twitter: "Shiv Roy's outfits deserve an Emmy".

Her wardrobe is an Autumnal dream; and since we have yet to find a range of high-waisted trousers quite as amazing as Shiv's, let's take a look at her incredible style moments and raise a glass of extremely expensive champagne to the costume designer behind it all, Michelle Matland.

The hippy look

At the beginning of Succession, Shiv seems far removed from her brothers in their boring attire. Having chosen a career in politics rather than the family business, she eschews the sharp looks of her siblings and instead is serving a total 70s vibe of burgundy flared trousers and an oversized knitted jumper. Indeed, the costume designer, Michelle Matland, revealed in the New Yorker that this was a very deliberate choice to "distance her" from the company. We all know how that changes though!

The pastel shades

According to the New Yorker, the pastel shirts of season two are to make her look "soft" and "feminine", as is her long, wavy blonde locks. As much as we adore Shiv's 'business' attire (don't worry, we're coming to it), we're also obsessed with this slightly softer look.

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The autumn dream

The burgundy trousers! The overcoat! The scarf! Shiv is looking like a walking AW20 advert here, particularly with that matching leather handbag. We're obsessed with the earthy tones – so thank goodness it's getting colder! Speaking about her proclivity for high-waisted trousers, one person wrote: "Shiv don't go nowhere without a high-waisted pant, I'm in love."

The business girl look

In season one, even Shiv's professional outfits are pretty – with this one being no exception. Preparing for a day in the office, Shiv looks the part while wearing a pretty buttoned down shirt and a pearl drop necklace, while keeping her hair in long waves. As one person put it on Twitter, "Shiv invented clothes". We agree.

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The glamorous look

It can't all be business suits and high-waisted trousers! For a special occasion, Shiv will dress up – and gets it right every time. We're particularly obsessed with her stunning navy silk number which is perfectly offset by her matching earrings. Maybe we can find something similar on ASOS…

The turtleneck look

And just like that, Shiv SNAPPED. Promised to be the next CEO of Waystar industries by her father, Logan, Shiv swaps out the beautiful curly locks for a sharp bob (perfect for angrily flicking during a fight), and an even sharper turtleneck with high-waisted trouser look. However, she does manage to give the outfit a girlish edge with her gold necklaces and earrings. Keeping it classy!

The cocktail party look

For Shiv's engagement party, she kept things classy as always in a pale pink cocktail dress with her hair pinned back in an elaborate bun. We're not saying that this is what we'll wear for our own engagement party, but this is what we are planning to wear for our own engagement party.

The Waystar Corp look

And the transition is complete. Shiv has fully gone to the dark side in this very corporate outfit while visiting the company. The soft tones have gone, basically all of the jewellery is gone, and Shiv is ready to fight some siblings out of a certain title.

The 'taking down her enemies' look

Spoilers for those who have yet to see season two! In the latest series, Shiv very much lives up to the Roy family name by doing whatever it takes to hang onto what was promised her: the role of CEO at Waystar. And of course, Shiv took down some enemies while also looking fabulous in this floor length navy number, which still adheres to her classic turtleneck look. Queen!