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35 Beauty Trends that are going to be everywhere in 2023

Ever heard of Jellyfish Hair or Chebula serum?

Natalie Salmon
Fashion Digital Editor
December 1, 2022
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From Coquette makeup and Slugging to Jellyish and Butterfly Haircuts, the skincare, makeup, haircare, and body care trends that are set to take over in 2023 have been revealed. 

Luxury beauty buyer’s club, Beauty Pie has just released its hotly anticipated 2023 Beauty Trends Report. Their experts analysed millions of data points for hundreds of different trends to create the report. To discover the ingredients, products, techniques, and approaches that will be trending in 2023, Beauty Pie’s research team tracked and analysed Google search volume for hundreds of new trends. By calculating the year-on-year percentage change in Google search volume for each of the trends, researchers could uncover which ones were seeing the biggest spikes in popularity in the run-up to 2023.

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There are lots of new trends to look forward to next year

"By analysing Google search data for hundreds of trends, we totalled the number of global searches made on Google over the last year, and compared the results to the previous year to reveal which are increasing in popularity the most," explains Nicola Moulton, Editorial Director at Beauty Pie, "Five of the top 10 beauty trends are haircare trends, three are skincare and two are makeup."

Spoiler alert: there are a lot of animal-themed haircuts in the Top 10. The Butterfly Haircut, which combines long and short layers, has seen a colossal popularity increase in the run-up to 2023, up by 12,432%, and it takes the top spot in the top 10 trends. In fact, four of the top 10 trends are animal-inspired cuts, from Octopi to Jellyfish.

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Beauty Pie analysed Google search data for hundreds of trends 


The Top 10 Beauty Trends of 2023:

Butterfly Haircut + 12,432%

"Butterfly haircuts have seen popularity spike by an incredible 12,432% in the run up to 2023, suggesting it’ll be one trend that’s set to dominate next year," explains Nicola, "A butterfly haircut combines short layers with long layers for added dimension, movement and body. The benefit of the short, wispy layers is that they directly hit  the chin and jawline to frame your face and contour all face shapes."

Octopus Haircut + 6,104%

"The octopus haircut is a heavily-textured look that uses shorter layers on top, while thinner, longer lengths of hair are styled from underneath - which (very subtly) resembles the shape of an octopus," says Nicola. The octopus haircut is said to be an evolution of the infamous mullet.

Coquette Makeup + 1,690%

"This trend is really a mixture of trends, like 2014's soft pale grunge and balletcore. It’s all about embracing 'hyperfeminity' and it takes us straight back to the early 2010s; think Lana Del Ray style eye-liner and girly pink blush," reveals Nicola, "The popularity for this style of makeup has skyrocketed by 1,690% in the run up to 2023."

Jellyfish Haircut + 1,185%

The jellyfish haircut, a blunt bob with a mullet, takes fourth place, seeing a 1,185% increase in searches ahead of 2023. "This style of haircut is inspired by the traditional Japanese princess cut – the top layer is cut shorter in a head-hugging layer, with longer lengths around the perimeter and Nicole Kidman has been reported to have been spotted with this new edgy look," says Nicola. 

Chebula Serum + 922% 

Chebula is an anti-ageing ayurvedic herb that’s rich in antioxidants – it helps to moisturise and brighten and can even correct photodamage and strengthen skin. No wonder then, that it’s the number one skincare ingredient that’s set to dominate our skincare routines next year, with popularity and awareness increasing among beauty fans by 922% in the run-up to 2023. "Chebula is touted as one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world," explains Nicola, "It fights fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production to serve up smoother, stronger skin. It also helps to regulate pigmentation and minimise inflammation."

Peptide Lip Treatment + 442%

Peptide-powered lip treatments have seen popularity increase by over 400%, so they’re set to be one of the biggest beauty trends of 2023. "Peptide lip treatments are a restorative method to create naturally plump and soft lips, whilst also minimising the appearance of fine lines," Nicola confirms. "Bella Hadid is renowned for her luscious pout and now she has revealed that she relies on the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment created by fellow supermodel Hailey Bieber to keep her lips looking as lovely as ever," Hello Fashion's Orin Carlin explains, "Rhode is all about Hailey's trademark dewy aesthetic, and the brand's products are very much focused towards achieving hydrated, moisture-pumped skin." 

Slugging + 392%

Slugging was actually one of 2022’s top beauty trends, and the technique is here to stay for 2023. "The simplest way to describe slugging is a skincare step in which you use a petroleum based/type product over the whole skin as your last night-time step in your routine,” Orin explains, "This would be after your usual skincare products (although it's advisable to take out any targeted blemish treatments or facial oils on the nights that you "slug"). This technique supports the skin barrier by locking in the skincare products you use, and it can be very effective in protecting from TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss)." 

"This trend has long been a practice that’s featured in K-Beauty routines, and with searches increasing by 392% ahead of 2023, it looks like is set to be a massive trend to try," Nicola tells us. 

Spiky Bun  + 257%

Driven by a love for 90s and 00s nostalgia, the spiky bun is back. "This is a high bun with an ultra sleek finish. Spotted on Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, the spiky bun has officially kicked the messy bun off its pedestal," says Nicola, "It’s easy to create, looks effortlessly chic and there are tons of tutorial videos on social media if you fancy trying it out in 2023."


Gigi Hadid is a fan of the spiky bun

Wolf Cut + 135%

 "Another animal-inspired hair trend that we will see more of in 2023 is the wolf cut, which has been searched for globally 135% more than last year," Nicola explains. The modern mullet style has been championed by Nicola Peltz and Miley Cyrus recently. It was one of the most exciting trends to come out of 2022 with over 1.9 billion TikTok views. We’re happy that the trend lives on for 2023. "It's basically the younger and less rebellious sister of the mullet - offering trendsetters an edgy, shaggy hairdo without feeling quite as extreme," Nicola says. 

Doe eye makeup + 122%

A rounded, wide eye look has increased in popularity by 122% in the run up to 2023. "It's a more innocent than sultry look - doe eyes are doll-like and they make eyes look larger and brighter," Nicola tells us, "The trend's soft nature also offers some flexibility when attempting to recreate the style, and mascara is your best friend when creating the look."

Top 35 Beauty Trends for 2023:

Beauty Pie also found the top 10 trends for each category: Skincare. Makeup, Hair care and Body care. (The percentage represents the increase in the volume of searches made on Google.)


Serum is firmly on the agenda for 2023

The Top 10 Biggest Skincare Trends for 2023

1. Chebula                                      922%

2. Peptide Lip Treatment             442%

3. Lash Serum                                75%

4. Lip Sunscreen                            72%

5. Refillable Skincare                    42%

6. Ceramide Serum                       30%

7. Electrolytes                                29%

8. Peptide Moisturiser                 28%

9. Skin Barrier                                27%

10. Skin Cycling                              26%



Thanks to hit TV series Euphoria stick on gems remain popular in 2023

Top 10 Biggest Makeup Trends 2023

1. Coquette Makeup                     1,690%

2. Doe Eye Makeup                       122%

3. Lip Stain                                      53%

4. Avril Lavigne Makeup               39%

5. Refillable Lipstick                      29%

6. Stick On Gems                           27%

7. Glam Grunge Makeup              25%

8. Skin Tint                                      23%

9. Popsicle Lips                               15%

10. Barbie Makeup                        11%



The secret to healthy hair in 2023 is thought to be scalp serum


Top 10 Biggest Haircare Trends 2023

1. Butterfly Haircut                       12,432%

2. Octopus Haircut                        6,104%

3. Jellyfish Haircut                         1,185%

4. Spiky Bun                                    257%

5. Wolf Cut                                     135%

6. Twist Knot Bun                          89%

7. Scalp Serum                               47%

8. Frame Haircut                            24%

9. Loop Braids                                19%

10. Barbie Hair                               3%

Top Five Biggest Body care Trends 2023

1. Mewing                                  62%

2. Collagen Supplement           34%

3. Niacinamide Body Wash     25%

4. Naked Nails                            9%

5. Ashwagandha                       6%

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