12 month cleaning calendar – how to keep your house clean all year round

Your definitive guide to a clean house throughout all seasons

Chloe Best

If you've vowed that this is the year to get more organised and keep your house cleaner, we've got just the thing to help. This 12 month cleaning calendar from Dr. Beckmann shows what you should be cleaning and when, to ensure your home is spotless all year round.

Research from the cleaning and laundry specialist found that 90 per cent of Brits agree that having an untidy or dirty home can be detrimental to their mood, so not only will your house be sparkling clean, but you may well feel happier as a result. Win-win.

January - Plan and declutter


January is the perfect time to declutter after the festive season. Prepare a checklist and rota for tasks to keep track of what needs to be done around your home, and allow you to stay focused. Good for your mind, happiness and wellbeing, it's a great way to clear out unwanted or unused items and prepare for the year ahead.

February – Tackle neglected areas

We all have corners in our home that we don't clean often enough. Get February off to a good start by tackling neglected areas, such as lampshades, blinds, curtains, shelves, frames, bannisters and skirting boards. Some areas including blinds and curtains are particularly important as dust mites can form, and research has shown they can pose health risks as bacteria and mould attaches to dust.

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March – Clean invisible areas

If you're guilty of simply hoovering around your furniture and never the space underneath, now is the time to do so. Move your furniture around and target invisible areas such as the space under the bed, sofas, wardrobes and cabinets. Who knows, you may be able to give your rooms a new layout for spring, too.

April – Get your windows sparkling


Now the clocks have gone back, the lighter mornings and evenings provide the perfect opportunity to clean your windows. That extra sunlight really spotlights the dirt and grime that can build up throughout the winter, so clean all your windows or hire a professional to ensure the exterior of your house is looking spotless.

May – Clear hidden clutter

The top of kitchen cupboards or your wardrobe may seem like a good place to store extra belongings, but they can gather a huge amount of dust quite quickly. Take the opportunity to clear this in May.

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June – DIY

If you've been putting off maintenance jobs or those little DIY jobs, now is the time to do it. The longer days mean you can tackle both the interior and exterior of your home, and will ensure it's clean and tidy for summer.

July - Summer spruce


Get outdoors and spruce up your garden! You'll be proud to host guests for summer barbecues and garden parties once you've tidied up your lawn, added a few plants and cleaned gutters and drains.

August - And breathe

If you have children, the summer holidays are an ideal opportunity to have a sort out before they go back to school. Organise their bedrooms and sort through clothes that no longer fit, as well as clearing out unwanted toys which can be donated to your local charity shop and will clear up more space in the process.

September – Floors


Now's the time for a deep clean of your carpets – particularly if you have pets, ad hair and dirt will often be trodden deeper into the fibres of the carpet. Invest in a professional carpet cleaner, and keep a carpet stain remover such as Dr. Beckmann's on hand to clear up after any accidents and spills.

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October – Storage

With Halloween and dare we say it, Christmas, fast approaching, take the chance to get ahead by starting to get organised early. You'll be able to see what decorations you already have, how much space you have and what you might need, so you can get a head-start on your prep and enjoy the festive season.

November – Appliances

It's all too easy to neglect our kitchen appliances, but they need a deep clean to ensure they are well maintained and protected from limescale and bacteria build up. Give your fridge/ freezer, washing machine, dishwasher and oven a deep clean that will leave them sparkling clean and in pristine condition.

December – Detox

The final clean of the year should be focused on getting your house prepped for Christmas and New Year. Do a deep clean of the bathroom and kitchen. Also, if you have a porch area for coats and shoes, make sure this is organised and smelling fresh.

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