Jemima Khan - Biography

Jemima Khan is a writer and TV producer. She runs a TV production company and is currently producing a multi-episode drama series for Sky Atlantic.

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September 09, 1960

United Kingdom


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Jemima was born in London on January 30, 1974, to tycoon Sir James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel Vane Tempest Stewart.

As a child, Jemima was an excellent horsewoman, and many thought she had the talent to become a professional showjumper. But she chose to follow an academic route, heading to Bristol University to study English.

Her studies finished prematurely in 1995, when Jemima met and then married Imran Khan, a dashing Oxford-educated cricketer. The two married in Paris, with a civil ceremony at Richmond Registry Office the following month. The celebration was attended by the cream of London society. In place of wedding presents, Jemima, asked guests for donations to the cancer hospital in Lahore, named after her husband's late mother.

The couple set up home in Pakistan and welcomed two children, Suleiman and Qasim. Jemima went on to finish her degree in 2002 after founding and running a charity for refugees. She also launched her own fashion business.

Jemima then turned her hand to journalism, writing for many publications including Vanity Fair and the New Statesman, in addition to working voluntarily for UNICEF. These days, she runs a TV production company, Instinct Productions, which she founded in 2016. She is also the executive producer of a TV drama series about the Rothschild banking dynasty written by Julian Fellowes.

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