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The royal tattoo: Duchess of Cornwall shows off African body art

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It looks like their trip to Africa has inspired Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to embrace the local customs.While Charles was spotted grooving along with local dancers in Zanzibar, his wife proudly showed off a new tattoo.



The British royal hadn't got herself inked permanently though – the henna design will begin to fade in a day or two. Camilla and her husband looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as they continued their eight-day tour of Africa. They flew to the idlic isle of Zanzibar – which is a semi autonomous part of Tanzania – on a private jet from its commercial capital, Dar es Salaam. When the pair were greeted with a troupe of dancers performing achapauringe, there was no holding Charles back. He swayed in time to the music while a local woman placed a a yellow, red and black khanga shawl around Camilla's shoulders by way of welcome.


The 95 degree heat proved too much for Camilla, who had to take a moment away to recover. When she came back she showed her body art off, complaining the heat had smudged it. "It's ruining my tattoo, I'm so cross," she said. During their time on the island the pair also got to do some sight-seeing and visited a gift shop, where they bought souvenirs. Camilla picked up a handwoven basket, some lime essential oil and a miniature door, and Charles got some honey and soap. Examining a jar of bilimbi pickle, he thought better after being told it was quite spicy. "Too hot for me!" he said.

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