Nelson Mandela leaves hospital to resume treatment at home

Nelson Mandela has been discharged from hospital and is now back at his home in Johannesburg, where he is said to be in a "critical" condition.

Despite denying that the 95-year-old left hospital on Saturday the South African presidency website now states that Mr Mandela is resuming his intensive treatment at home.

"Former President Nelson Mandela has this morning, 1 September 2013, been discharged from the Pretoria hospital where he has been receiving treatment," read a statement on the website. "We would like to wish him all the best as he continues his recovery at his Johannesburg home."


Mr Mandela's home, which is located in the wealthy suburb of Houghton, has been "reconfigured" to best allow for his high level of care to continue.

Mr Mandela's condition is described in the statement as being "critical and at times unstable," but doctors will continue the same level of treatment they were administering while he was in hospital and he will be re-admitted if necessary.

South Africa's first democratically elected president has been in hospital since 8 June, when he was admitted with a serious lung infection.


While he was initially expected to remain in hospital for only a few days, the former president's prolonged stay has prompted support and well wishes from around the world to pour in.

The Mandela family have, of course, been at their patriarch's bed side over the past months and helped him celebrate his 95th birthday in the Pretoria hospital.

It is believed that Nelson Mandela's lung condition stems from the tuberculosis he suffered during the 27 years he was in prison, between 1962 and 1990.