Royal baby: Prince Charles and Camilla are 'hoping for a granddaughter'

It seems like Prince Charles and his wife Camilla certainly have a preference! The royals, who are anticipating news of Prince William and Kate Middleton's second royal baby, let it slip that they would love a little princess.

On Thursday, Charles joked with Eric Jones, the oldest surviving member of the Welsh Guard, about the difficulties of raising a daughter when he made the admission.

Charles and Camilla dote on Prince George and Camilla's five grandchildren Photo: Getty Images

Lynda Bateman, who was attending the reception at Windsor Castle with her father Eric said: "My father introduced me as his daughter and Prince Charles asked how many daughters he had. My father said 'one — and that’s enough,' and Charles laughed and said 'and we’re hoping for a granddaughter!'"

The 66-year-old royal has made no secret of his love for his first grandchild, Prince George, whom he has affectionately spoke of in interviews. But it seems he wouldn't mind adding a girl to the mix.

Charles adores his first grandchild, Prince George Photo: Getty Images

Charles also revealed that he was hoping for a granddaughter when it was announced that the couple were expecting their second child together in September. "I’m happy I’m going to be a grandfather again," he said. "I’m looking forward to it, but I hope it will be a girl this time."

Charles was joined by Camilla, the Queen, and the Duke of Edinburgh at the event on Thursday, which presented new Colours to the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, which is celebrating its centenary year.

Prince Charles offered a glimpse of a photo of him with Prince George in a video from March Photo: Getty Images

Maureen Morris, whose husband Bill served with the Welsh Guards between 1952 and 1955, also revealed that she had asked Camilla if there had been any further news about whether Kate had gone into labor yet. "She said no," said Maureen. "I said it will be great when it happens."

More news has emerged suggesting that the royal baby wait could go on for a bit longer, possibly into May. Westminster City Council has made the decision to extend parking restrictions outside the hospital where Kate is due to give birth.

The young couple are expecting a baby any day now Photo: Getty Images

The original parking restrictions outside the Lindo Wing, Kate's maternity unit at St. Mary's Hospital, were announced via a yellow notice citing "a special event" up until April 30. On Wednesday, a council spokesman said: "The parking restrictions will be extended at the moment for the next five days until May 5. If there is still no news by then it will be extended again. The signs will be amended possibly today, if not tomorrow morning."

The great wait continues!