Sweden's Princess Sofia borrows clothes from her sisters-in-law


The Swedish family have welcome Sofia Hellqvist into their family ever since she started going out with Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. The former model has grown close to her husband's sisters Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine, and it seems that she can also count on them for style inspiration.

Victoria and Madeleine have opened their extensive wardrobes to the new member of the royal family, and at various engagements, Sofia has been spotted wearing her sisters-in-law's belongings.

Earlier this week, Sofia and Carl Philip went on a two-day trip to the town of Älvdalen in Dalarna province, where Sofia grew up. The princess donned a bright red smart coat that Victoria has worn on previous occasions, including at her name day in March 2011.


Princess Sofia has borrowed items from Crown Princess Victoria's wardrobe Photos: Getty Images

This isn't the first time that Sofia has borrowed an item from Victoria's wardrobe. In August 2013, she attended the wedding of Gustaf Magnuson in Stockholm, and paired her pink floral dress with a short fur jacket.

The jacket actually belonged to 38-year-old Victoria, who wore the fur piece twice in public in the same year. The first time was in April 2013 at the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. The second was in December, when the royal family attended the traditional annual meeting of the Swedish Academy.


The 30-year-old was spotted wearing Victoria's fur jacket to a wedding in 2013 Photos: Getty Images

Sofia has also taken style inspiration from Princess Madeleine, who is a fan of waterproof puffer coats. Madeleine has a range of colors including white and navy, but Sofia opted to wear a black one to a concert in the city of Borgholm in July. Attending the Swedish opening of Parliament, Sofia also chose to keep in step with her sisters-in-law and wear a monochrome outfit.

Earlier this week, Sofia, who married Prince Carl Philip in June, opened up about her first few months as a princess. "I must say I'm pleasantly surprised at what an incredible response you get from people and how much fun it is," Sofia said, according to Svensk Dam. "It's wonderful to be a princess."


The new royal also counts on Princess Madeleine for fashion advice Photos: Getty Images

Speaking to Expressen about returning to her home town Sofia said: "I was pretty nervous coming home here today in an entirely new role. It feels unbelievable. The years I spent here made me who I am today. Dalarna will always have a very important place in my heart – especially Älvdalen."

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