Princess Charlene is up at 6am every morning with the twins, reveals impressed husband Prince Albert

Princess Charlene of Monaco certainly isn't leaving the childcare in the hands of any royal nanny. Her husband Prince Albert has praised the mother-of-two for her hands-on approach with their twins Jacques and Gabriella as their first birthday fast approaches. "She's very eager to be with her children at all times. She's up with the kids at six and takes them through the morning. Every day," the prince said.

"I don't think they would be as smiling and happy as they are if she weren't as good a mother as she is," he told People.


Princess Charlene is up at six in the morning with the twins every day

Since the birth of the twins, the princess has not been seen in public as much but her husband insists this is simply because she dedicates her time to being a good mother. He told People: "She's had to organise a number of things a little differently during the past year. She's had to organise several household moves this year as well and that has been a big task for her, but she's shown herself to be incredibly organised and a great mother."

The royal twins, who started taking their first steps at 11 months old, will turn one on December 10. Their father is set on having "family time" on their big day, even though he has engagements in the morning.

The royal twins will celebrate their first birthday on December 10

"We may be visiting a school with the children, but that will be in the morning," Albert told People magazine. "The rest of the day will be for family only. I've set the day aside, I've no other appointments, we just want the family time." He continued: "I want to take some pictures, some movies of them, so it's just going to be a family day."

Although the doting father is excited for his children's special day, he admits he is yet to decide on any gifts for them. "I've a few things in mind, but I really haven't decided yet whether to give them something significant, which they'll keep for years to come, or just give them better toys than they already have in the nursery," Albert confided. "I suppose I could do both. Probably should."