Prince Harry honors victims of 2015 Tunisia attacks

Prince Harry carried out a solemn engagement on Tuesday to pay tribute to the victims of last year's Tunisia terrorist attacks.

The 31-year-old attended a service at Westminster Abbey on April 12 in honor of those killed. Prior to entering the church, Harry laid a wreath on behalf of Queen at Westminster Abbey's Innocent Victims Memorial to commemorate the lives lost from the attacks.


Photo: Getty Images

Attached to the wreath, which was adorned with white peonies and roses, was a personalized note from the British Royal. The card read: "In memory of those who lost their lives, Harry."

Once inside the service, the Invictus Games founder, who was dressed in a dark navy suit, delivered a Bible reading from Revelation, along with Prime Minister David Cameron.

Last year’s June attacks claimed the lives of 30 British nationals, marking the worst terrorist incident involving Britons since the July 7 attacks in London, over a decade ago.

Harry has previously opened up about stepping into roles for his grandmother. During the documentary Our Queen at Ninety, he admitted, "People have always said, 'Do you feel as though you are following in her footsteps?' That's exactly what we are doing. There is nowhere on this planet that I can think of, that she hasn't been in the last 90 years.”

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The prince added, "She has been everywhere and that's sometimes quite hard, because you go to a place where she hasn't visited for maybe 20 years, maybe 15, and you just think to yourself, 'How can I ever fulfill this huge expectation that comes with her and being a member of her family?'"


The expectation to carry out engagements is also heavy considering he sees his grandmother as his "boss." In an upcoming documentary for the BBC, titled Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute, Prince George's uncle revealed, "I still view her more as the Queen than my grandmother. You have this huge amount of respect for your boss and I always view her as my boss – but occasionally as a grandmother."