This royal just announced she is retiring from official duties

And they will be having a well-earned rest!

Being a member of the royal family has many perks, but also comes with a lot of responsibility. Just like any other job, there is a time when those undertaking royal duties wish to retire like everyone else, with Prince Philip doing just that in May 2017. Now, the latest royal to take a step back for a well-earned rest is Princess Christina, also known as Mrs Magnusson, the younger sister of King Carl Gustav of Sweden. The 74-year-old announced the news on Wednesday to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN). She told the publication: "I don't want to be tied down by a lot of things in the future, but enjoy what I have and those I have around me."

Princess Christina is retiring at the age of 74

Christina's retirement follows after she was diagnosed with chronic leukaemia in 2016. The royal underwent treatment that didn't work initially, before having a stem cell transplant in 2017, which proved successful. Christina had previously undergone treatment for breast cancer in 2010 – including three surgeries – but had beaten the disease. Christina has since spent a lot of time campaigning for cancer issues.

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Christina is a much-loved member of the Swedish royal family

The princess, who is known as Christina Magnuson, is married to Tord Gösta Magnuson, and they have three sons together: Carl Gustaf Victor, Tord Oscar Frederik and Victor Edmund Lennart. She lost her title of Royal Highness upon her marriage to someone of unequal rank, but her brother the king gave her the courtesy title of Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson.

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Christina has been active in the royal family foundations, and as well as cancer research, has been working in support of other causes including the Red Cross, where for years she was the head of its organisation Noaks Ark, which was set up to prevent the spreading of HIV and AIDS in Sweden. Christina has also been praised for helping to modernise the Swedish royal family, and has demonstrated a great interest in the arts and cultural scene in the country.